Toyota Tacoma ECT strength Feature

Countless new features and also style cues have entered the redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma to make it a fan favorite below at Toyota of Greensburg. A tiny known element of the redesigned Toyota pickup truck that will boost your driving suffer is the Toyota Tacoma ECT power feature. Functioning in conjunction v the electronically managed transmission, this handy small button can give you a rapid burst of power in particular driving situations. Take a closer look at how the Toyota ECT PWR button works and learn just how it can influence your drive.

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What is the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Feature?

We know we are bombarding you through all type of acronyms — don’t problem — the just one girlfriend really require to know in this instance is ECT. Brief for Electronically regulated Transmission, the ECT PWR attribute will briefly increase power in miscellaneous driving cases by manipulating transmission transition points. An included feature that the traditional six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, the ECT power switch will prove to it is in an asset in particular cases.

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Located just listed below the Toyota Entune infotainment system on the center stack, the ECT PWR button will boost power when pressed. Once in use, the ECT PWR function activates a series of hydraulics within the infection that run clutches and also bands controlled by an electronic solenoid. Together these elements will enable the infection to hold change points longer and reach greater RPM levels before shifting. This will carry out a rapid burst that power and greater manage over throttle position. Simply press the button a 2nd time come deactivate the ECT PWR feature.

When have to You use the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Feature?

Don’t obtain the ECT power switch confused v a rise of nitrous — it is no an instant turbo button. Functioning lot like the 2016 Toyota Tundra Tow/Haul Mode, the ECT PWR feature will sharpen throttle an answer in quick intervals. This facet is best used when you space pulling a trailer and also need a rapid burst the power. Extr driving situations that may call for the use of the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR switch include merging v traffic, passing on the highway or rise a steep grade. It is essential to keep in mind that staying in “power” mode for expanded driving durations will have a an unfavorable impact on her fuel economy.

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When friend slide right into the driver’s seat of the revamped 2016 Toyota Tacoma, over there is a great chance you will certainly be overwhelmed by the wide range of brand-new and fix up features. In this instance, aspects like the Toyota Tacoma ECT power feature are regularly misunderstood and also misused. We hope that our outline of this innovative attribute has answered any type of questions you might have and also will come in handy down the road. Stop in this day to check out the Toyota the Greensburg inventory and also take the Toyota Tacoma because that a test drive to see just how the ECT PWR switch works very first hand.