Big Bank and DJ shout return with one more episode that the “Big Facts” podcast v trap laboratory legend himself OJ Da Juiceman.

DJ scream and huge Bank re-publishing nothing however “Big Facts” in their podcast, together they chop it up through today’s famous figures in the entertain industry.

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Big Bank and also DJ scream return with one more episode the the “Big Facts” podcast with trap lab legend himself OJ Da Juiceman. The Atlanta indigenous stop through to talk about a slew of things, including his friendship with Gucci Mane, acquiring shot and also diagnosed through diabetes within weeks of each other, and much more.

It’s to be a minute due to the fact that fans have heard native the “No Hook” emcee, so what far better way to begin the conversation than through a video game of catch up? Juiceman educated the team that after part failed company dealings v rap manager Debra Antney and learning the industry’s ins and also outs, he made decision to “start doing things independently.”

In turn, the revealed that making the decision come move about on his own also cost that his assistance from the label. Despite the rapper no elaborate, he has seemingly due to the fact that moved on native the situation without any form of reconciliation v neither Antney nor his then business cohorts. However, he did clarify the his partnership with Gucci Mane stays “solid.”


The OG has since been publication music together an live independence artist, despite he acknowledged that he needs to push out visuals just as much as the does tracks, i m sorry is miscellaneous his fanbase loves. Juiceman has additionally been running his vanity label, 32 Entertainment, the he founded in 2007 and named ~ a neighborhood bus stop.

Coming native streets, the artist divulged ~ above the battles of keeping at his craft of rapping when there were various other quicker and more lucrative options available. “Sometimes that various other thing can consume her time, and also with the music, you obtained to pack through the music. You acquired to remain recording,” the rapper expressed. “There was one allude in time where I was like, ‘Man, forget music.’ I like it, however from all the poor business and the money ain’t comes in like how it’s provided to be… Rap, i’m cool through it, but it ain’t payment the bills.” However, he gave props to the Carolinas and also his pan on social media. Castle encourage the to continue his craft regardless of some the the setbacks he’s endured throughout his career.

It’s no secret that the rapper has challenged his fair share of battles. In 2008, he to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Then, within days, he to be shot eight times. Juiceman speak a bit about some the the lifestyle alters he made, consisting of slimming down from an initial load of 204 lbs.

“I just adjusted everything,” he said. “I went from regular drinks to diet drink — whatever diet. Damn close to all the food baked. No salt obtained to season it with other shit, you feeling me?”


He continued: “Really, the hit me out of nowhere. And then, in the middle of being shot, i’m coming indigenous the hospital, and this new thing about the diabetes and also then this folks informing me ‘You heal different. You ain’t gone heal the same, so it is in careful and watch your feet.’”

The rapper admitted the he wasn’t as disciplined originally as the should’ve to be — still eat sweets — and also subsequently advanced to type 1. Juiceman later uncovered himself pricking his fingers because that blood samples daily. The process ultimately made him take it his illness much more seriously.

Speaking on his legacy, when asked what fans would certainly remember the by, the rapper stated, “Majority the the world would more than likely remember me together the ‘Aye male Aye’ or ‘You talking around the quarter-brick man’ or something choose that.”

Juiceman is perhaps ideal known because that his ad-libs, and also when he heard Soulja Boy use it, the OG confessed it took him by surprise. “It eliminated me. Bruh, ns coming from ns ain’t steal nothing from nobody to acquire in this thing ,” he explained. “I worked. Niggas could have thought that Gucci lugged me in, yet naw, I came in on mine own. Us was just homeboys, and shawty go out ‘fo i did.” The rapper detailed that seeing Gucci’s success influenced him to acquire into the lab game following his release from boots camp.

Looking back, the option of authorized a major label is not totally off the table because that the 39-year-old in ~ the moment. His only necessity is the “the paperwork gotta it is in right cause that’s wherein I fucked increase the an initial go-round.”


To everyone’s surprise, Juiceman asserted that he made “not one coin” turn off his debut album, The Otha side of the Trap, which was released top top January 27, 2009 and also featured song such together “Make tha catch Say Aye” featuring Gucci, “Cop a Chicken,” and “I it is in Trappin’.”

“These folks struggle me with, come let you the end this contract, because that you deserve to be free, girlfriend gotta let united state have whatever from The Otha side of the Trap for your life and also ten years after your life,” the rapper asserted his record label at the moment told him. He also revealed the he can not sue because that royalties native his first album. However, 10 year after his passing, his youngsters may it is in granted the opportunity.

Juiceman recognized his own carelessness as soon as it involved signing his contracts, yet maintained that he was telling the truth and also that his exit from Mizay to chat —ran through Antney — to be a an outcome of steal funds.

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If you favored what you heard, remain tuned every main for an additional episode that “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest present above!

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