I prospered up in West Virginia, for this reason I’m fully unashamed to admit that I do love some an excellent ole’ fashioned honky-tonk music and fun native time to time. If you’re choose me, then opportunities are you’re pretty stoked to discover that this article is about none various other than the man, the legend himself — Mr. Troyal Garth Brooks (and Garth Brooks house!). That’s best — his very first name is actually Troyal. This male is no only nation royalty yet literally a music legend because of the number of records he’s broken during his career as a nation music artist.

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Believe the or not, in 2015 follow to RIAA, Mr. Brooks to be ranked together the finest selling solo album artist in the U.S. Having actually sold end 148 million records domestically. This accurate puts that in prior of Elvis, the king himself, and 2nd only to the Beatles. Follow to recent reports, as of 2019, he is likewise the only artist to have actually seven documents released to have completed diamond standing in the joined States. He is additionally considered one of the best-selling musicians of every time see as how he’s sold a whopping 170 million documents worldwide. Quite darn impressive if you ask me. If she interested in learning more titillating factoids around this country legend, climate stick around for the #411 through Velvet Ropes.

Where go Garth Brooks live?

Garth Brooks actually has several beautiful residences in various places in the joined States. If did you do it ever found yourself wondering whereby does Trisha Yearwood live — then you’ll be happy to recognize that the prize is still with Garth Brooks. That’s right, the two are still going solid as a family, life their finest lives and pretty lot cemented in mine mind as one of the most adorable permanent couples in nation music (second just to Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill, the course).

As far as homes go, Brooks and Trisha have actually had several end the years. Trisha offered her Brentwood, Tennessee residence when the pair initially obtained together and the two high-tailed it to Owasso, Oklahoma. They have additionally owned a beautiful beach home in Malibu which they sold in 2016 and a gorgeous house in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Garth Brooks Homes

Garth Brooks residence Nashville (Current)

Brooks and his wife Trisha’s primary home is situated in Goodlettsville, TN close to Nashville. They have actually owned the residence for decades, having purchased it in November 1990 because that $432,500.

The 5,551 square foot home, which was originally constructed in 1970 has a gated entrance and also 13 rooms in total including 7 bedrooms and also 6 bathrooms. It sits on a 19.8-acre lot of and also includes a pool and also a 1,575 square foot garage and also a 746 square foot basement.

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Garth Brooks Oklahoma house (Current)

Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood house in Oklahoma to be purchased before the pair moved to the Nashville area in 2014. The pair relocated come this certain spot because Brooks’ ex-wife had moved his daughters come the area and also he want to stay close come them. Trisha at the time was skeptical around being may be to manage their careers so far from Nashville, for this reason Brooks make a promise that they would relocate once every one of the girls finished high school.

The $3.5 million 14,089-square-foot French nation style home sits ~ above 2.4 acre of property and is situated in Owasso, Oklahoma. The home is suited v 7 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a screening room, a gym, and a 5-car garage.

And based upon Google Maps aerial views, they have actually a huge garage where multiple tour buses are parked.

Photo: Google Maps

Garth Brooks house Malibu (Former)

Brooks and his wife also at one allude owned a $7 million mansion in Malibu’s sky Cove which they ultimately sold to internet entrepreneur Adam Bernhard in 2016. The single-story, 4,200 square foot ranch-style residence was originally constructed in 1958 and sat on a fifty percent of one acre that land in ~ a gated community.

Inside Garth Brooks house contained a remodeled interior with French doors, vaulted and beamed ceilings, skylights, wall surfaces of glass and also clerestory windows. There was additionally a living room with a edge fireplace and a den i m sorry doubled together a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and also a white brick fireplace. There was likewise an open up chef’s kitchen through marble countertops, 4 bedrooms and 3.5 commodes in total. The oceanfront property also included a basketball court.


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Garth Brooks Cars

Brooks has actually been photographed riding around in a white Mercedes, however, over there have additionally been reports the he likewise owns a red Corvette and also a white Mustang. But, believe it or not, his many prized possession is actually a red 1993 Chevy K series pickup truck.

Apparently Brooks loves his truck so much that the drove the “all over heck and gone” follow to his mam Trisha Yearwood. As a surprise, she determined to restore the vehicle one day as a birthday surprised without learning that Brooks had already offered it as much as be auctioned for the ACM Lifting lives Gala the pair were hosting. Once Brooks observed the restored vehicle, he had actually to have actually it back. Therefore he purchased it from the auction together the highest bidder after that went as much as a whopping $285,000.

How old is Garth Brooks?

Garth Brooks to be born ~ above February 7, 1962, which makes this superstar an Aquarius.

How high is Garth Brooks?

According come reports, Brooks steps in at a solid 6’0. It is a nice high drink that water if I do say so myself. What have the right to I say!? The male cleans up well!

Garth Brooks Family

Garth Brooks Children

Does Garth Brooks have kids? you darn tootin’ the does! but he didn’t have actually them v Trisha Yearwood. Garth Brooks’ youngsters are actually the product the his first marriage come his college sweetheart Sandy Mahl.

The oldest, Taylor Mayne Brooks to be born top top July 8, 1992. Their 2nd child august Anna Brooks to be born 2 years afterwards May 3, 1994, and also their youngest, Allie Colleen brooks was born ~ above July 28, 1996.

Garth Brooks Wife

Most world are currently well conscious that Garth Brooks is married to Trisha Yearwood, however, she is actually his second wife and also he is her 3rd husband. The pair in reality met because that the first time way back in 1987 while recording a demo in ~ Kent Blazy’s studio. Yearwood apparently received just $10 because that her solutions while Mr. Brooks walked away empty-handed. Brooks proclaimed publicly that when he very first met Yearwood they had actually an insanely solid connection, yet at the time, the two were both married to different people. Together a result, they determined to perform the right thing and keep points platonic. By 2000, both had gained divorced and were maybe to lastly be together. 5 years later they were married and also the rest, folks, is history.


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Garth Brooks Siblings

Believe the or not, Brooks is actually one of six children. He has a brother named Kelly and four enlarge half-siblings named Jim, Jerry, Mike and Betsy. His wife, on the various other hand, has one sister called Beth. Trisha Yearwood sisters Beth Bernard actually made headlines in 2015 as soon as she sang “I remember You” on Live v Kelly and also Michael together with her sister together an homage to their late mother who had actually recently passed.

Where is Garth Brooks from?

Brooks was originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Troyal Raymond brooks and also Colleen McElroy Carroll. His childhood residence was based in Yukon, Oklahoma and also was a loving residence which promoted creativity. Brooks claims that his parents regularly hosted weekly talent nights at the house where the children were required to participate either by singing or doing skits. Brooks had a penchant because that singing and also playing the guitar and also banjo.

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Garth Brooks College

Did Garth Brooks walk to college? The prize is yes. Brooks in reality attended Oklahoma State college in Stillwater on an strong scholarship. The singer was fairly the knowledgeable athlete in high school, play football, baseball and also running track and also field. He winner the scholarship because that track and participated in the javelin. Brooks ultimately went ~ above to attain his degree in advertising.