The Watchman spoke:

\"How have the right to I know if her words room true? Wait below a while. My males will safety you. I must speak with lord Hrothgar before I allow you walk further.\" he planned to return through Hrothgar and an ext soldiers.

The Watchman had actually been gone only a brief time once a guy dressed in fine clothing rode up. The man\"s surname was Unferth. He had actually been out searching with his hawk. Twenty-four guys were v him.

\"What\"s walking on?\" he asked the men guarding Beowulf\"s group. \"I\"ll take care of this. I have seen a few fights and also can deal with any trouble.\"

the shouted come Beowulf below on the sand:

\"Have you concerned rob us from the sea? execute you want united state to offer you gold to walk away?\"

\"Do no insult us,\" beo wolf replied. \"We are no raiders. We came to help lord Hrothgar. We do not want your gold. Quite we will offer you sharp-pointed spears and ancient swords upon her heads. Come down to wherein we are and also we will show you.\"

\"I perform not think your story,\" Unferth cried. \"It is nothing however a trick. We Danes will show you what fighting is, and let the wolf and also the raven have actually what remains when we have finished.\"

climate Unferth let his hawk fly from turn off his wrist right into the forest. He and his guys left your horses and also went down to the berememberingsomer.comh.

\"Take organize of your shields and also your courage,\" beowulf told his men. \"Think bravely and also be through me.\"


also then the fight might not have actually happened. Beowulf had no great to struggle over such foolish things. But one that Unferth\"s guys saw sunshine glint ~ above a shield and was certain the Geats had attracted their swords. So he threw his spear and hit the man next to beowulf in the shoulder.

then the Danes and the Geats permit spears paris from their fists. Beowulf\"s males keep near together. Lock strike boldly through their swords on every side. One of Unferth\"s males comes forward, holding up his shield, and throws his spear. Among Beowulf\"s companions is wounded, but his girlfriend at when runs out and also attrememberingsomer.comks Unferth\"s warrior. He has actually seen plenty of battles, that man, and he provides sure his spear goes appropriate through the Dane\"s neck. An additional of the Geats pushes his sword v the rings of a Dane\"s mailcoat. Never have I heard of together a little group of males fighting so nobly. Not among them fell. They were worth Beowulf\"s trust.

currently Beowulf begins to press forward. He provides his sword but it is v bare hands that he best likes to fight. Through the stamin of his eight he explode the bone-cage of one man after another.

as soon as Unferth look at his men autumn brememberingsomer.comk in are afraid he no longer feels favor fighting. He operation from the plrememberingsomer.come of battle and also flees ~ above his horse into the forest.

The Danes see their leader has actually left them. They are not certain what they need to do. Beowulf orders his men to loss brememberingsomer.comk and speaks come the Danes.

\"Listen, permit us finish this. We did not come here to kill you. A warrior in fight must struggle by his lord till his critical breath. If his mr is killed a soldier need to stay through his body and fight. Yet your leader has fled. Let us lose no an ext lives.\"

the pointed to the field of battle. Good men put around, the pale crowd of the dead. Crows hung in the air.

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They would share that battle-meat v the wolves soon after.