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Ichiro Suzuki.

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Randy Johnson.Ken Griffey Jr. Three experienced baseball players etched right into the Seattle Mariners background books, un-erasable and forever loved.

Seattle baseball fans may love these guys, however they all had women in their lives too. Ichiro married Yumiko Fukushima. “The huge Unit” married Lisa Wiehoff. However what around Ken Griffey Jr. AKA the sweet-swinging lefty that made baseball cool?

The Seattle Mariners legend has actually kept his private life under chop wraps, regardless of being the son the a superstar. Griffey Jr. Self is a superstar, to add the parental of three an ext star children. For this reason how has actually Ken Griffey Jr. Retained his virtually three-decade-long marital relationship such a well-guarded secret, and also who is his wife, Melissa?

Ken Griffey Jr.’s mam Melissa Griffey

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Melissa Griffey married Ken Griffey Jr. In 1992. Castle reportedly met at an alcohol-free dance club during his rookie year.

Melissa told Sports Illustrated in 2016 the she easily learned just how to easily end an argument with him.

Once, at an early stage on, he upset her in a purchase mall in Bellevue, Wash. ‘I’m v Ken Griffey Junior!’ Melissa shouted. Every boy in the mall came running after ~ him. Melissa never ever did that again.” — Sports Illustrated.

The couple has three children together, among whom is adopted. Melissa herself was adopted. Her fostering story inspired her to adopt one of she own. Her love for football is her driving affect to come to be the co-owner of an MLS franchise v her husband.

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Ken Griffey Jr. And his mam Melissa Griffey space minority owner of the MLS powerhouseSeattle Sounders. The Seattle Legends bought right into the Founder’s Cup champion in 2020. Various other members of the ownership group incorporate Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and also his pop star wife Ciara, and also Seattle-based rapper Macklemore. (Griffey also appearedin a Macklemore music video clip forDowntown.Twice.)