Below are Billy chef saddles for sale, both new and used. We also explain the difference between a Billy cook “original” saddle (also called “genuine,” or “maker) made in Sulphur, OK and also other Billy chef saddles.

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Below: A saddle made by Billy Cook; this one’s a roping saddle. Billy Cook also makes barrel saddles, ranch saddles, follow saddles, and more.


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Saddles and The Billy chef Name Game

Sometimes shopping for a Billy chef saddle deserve to be confusing. That’s because some folks refer to a saddle as an “original” or “genuine” Billy Cook, or define it together Billy Cook, “maker.” rather saddles are referred to as Longhorn Billy Cooks, Simco Billy Cooks, or Simco/Longhorn Billy Cooks.

To define this, possibly it’s most basic to begin with a fast summary:

Original, Genuine, MakerBilly chef saddles made under the direct oversight and inspection the Billy cook the person, or the firm bearing his name (Mr. Cook passed away in 2019) are typically described together “original,” “genuine,” or made by Billy Cook, “maker.” they were initially made in Greenville, TX but are now made in Sulphur, OK.Longhorn Billy Cook, Simco Billy Cook, or miscellaneous SimilarOther Billy chef saddles are generally described together a “Longhorn Billy Cook”, “Simco Billy Cook”, or “Simco/Longhorn Billy Cook”.

So, what’s this all about? This name confusion is due to the fact that there space two separate company entities that have the legal right to do saddles under the Billy chef name. Here’s the scoop:

In 1953 Billy cook (the person) started making a line of saddles bearing his surname in Greenville, TX. By the end of the 1950s he had actually partnered v the Potts-Longhorn Leather agency in bespeak to keep up with demand. During his partnership v Potts-Longhorn, Billy chef (the person) did not enable the variety of saddles made come exceed an amount that he might not personally oversee and inspect. This saddles are frequently referred to together an “original” Billy Cook, or a “genuine” Billy Cook, and/or as a saddle made by Billy Cook, “maker.”

During the 1980s, however, the Potts-Longhorn company failed. As soon as that taken place Billy cook (the person) began his very own saddle business once again, return to do Billy chef saddles ~ above his own. Because that a when he kept the organization in Texas, yet in 1991 relocated to Sulphur, Oklahoma whereby it is still situated today. This saddles, choose the older ones described in the i above, are additionally typically explained “original,” “genuine,” or make by Billy Cook, “maker.”

Below: The approximate ar of Sulphur, Oklahoma, place of Billy cook Harness and Saddle Manufacturing, Inc.


In the meantime, the Potts-Longhorn agency was purchase by Simco, an additional well recognized saddlery, in 1990. They, too, have the lawful appropriate to do saddles v the Billy cook name. Saddles they do are referred to as a Simco Billy Cook, Longhorn Billy Cook, or a Simco/Longhorn Billy Cook. Castle are located in Greenville, TX.

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Below: The approximate place of Greenville, Texas, where Simco/Longhorn Billy chef saddles are made.