In 1923, a team of investors founded the Stickel agency at 380 head Street, Rochester, new York State to market the Kurlash herbal Eyelash Curler, a patented an equipment invented by Charles W. Stickel <1889-1943>.

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Above: Patent drawing of an eyelash crimper (U.S. Patent No: 1542014, 1925) developed by Charles W. Stickel. The machine was periodically referred to together the ‘bear trap’.

The Kurlash herbal Eyelash Curler was offered in 2 forms: a yellow ‘F’ version (US$5.00) packaged in a blue Morocco leather case; and an ‘S’ model (US$2.00) v a silver-like finish sold in a plush-lined cardboard box.

You have the right to have prettier eyes by a natural method, without use of pastes, creams, synthetic lashes or even heat. Curl your lashes upward and also they show up longer; her eyes will look brighter, larger, more fascinating.

(Stickel advertisement, 1923)

The product was only briefly top top the market. Through 1924, it had actually been changed by a much more sophisticated model comparable to a maker patented in 1929 by Charles W. Stickel and William E. McDonell <1882-1941> – one more Rochester resident well-known for plenty of ocular inventions. The brand-new model was additionally cheaper as, through the finish of 1924, the price the a Kurlash had dropped come US$1.00.


Above: 1929 illustration of an eyelash curler (U.S. Patent No: 1699084, 1929) designed by Charles W. Stickel and William E. McDonell.

The Stickel firm marketed Kurlash nationwide, rental salesmen to obtain the product stocked in shop and collection up a mail-order organization for women who could not uncover a Kurlash locally. The sales manager mentioned in the advertising is william R. Tuttle <1887-1953> an investor that would walk on to come to be the agency president.


Above: 1923 advertisement for Kurlash salesmen. The agency name has been erroneous printed as ‘Sticked’.

Charles Stickel can be claimed to have invented the eyelash curler/crimper. Two other eyelash curlers had been granted patents prior to Stickel’s ‘bear trap’ patent came v – US1527964 and US1532238 – yet Stickel’s patent to be submitted come the patent office prior to them and was the an initial to be commercialised. However, offered the strong similarity in between the 2nd Kurlash presented in 1924 and contemporary eyelash curlers I credit transaction the invention of the eyelash curler to McDonell and also Stickel.

Name change

In 1928, the Stickel Company, Inc. Filed a certificate to adjust its surname to the Kurlash Company, Inc. And also took up brand-new offices at 77 southern Avenue, Rochester. The company was no adversely impacted by the great Depression which started with the stock sector crash the 1929. Its American sales actually rose in between 1929 and 1931 assisted by the adoption of that is eyelash curler by Hollywood movie stars, its usage of radio advertising, and the development of new products. Agency profits were additionally boosted through exports the Kurlash eyelash curlers about the world.


Above: 1934 Kurlash eyelash curler.

This is no to say the the agency sailed through the 1930s unscathed. In 1932, a dispute occurred between two groups of investors, with Tuttle, Stickel and also others top top one side and also Wilson B. Prophet, a significant investor, on the other. The matter went every the means to the supreme Court which made decision in favour that the Tuttle and also Stickel team in 1934.

New products

In 1930, the Kurlash company extended that is product variety with six new eye products: Tweezette, an automatic eyebrow tweezer; Lashtint, a fluid mascara; Lashpac, a block mascara and also brush; Kurlene one eyelash grower; and Shadette, a compact eyeshadow.

Tweezette:he automatic, painless tweezers that make that so basic to keep your brows fine groomed.”Lashtint: “This perfumed fluid tint makes thin or pale lashes appear luxuriant, dark brilliant. Keeps the lashes soft, pliable, silky and also natural-looking. Does not flake, crumble, cracked or break. Dries in a jiffy. Waterproof, but easily gotten rid of with cold cream”. Shades: Black, Brown and Blue through Green added in 1936. Lashpac: distinct stick the mascara, prefer a lipstick, come darken lashes and mark brows. It has actually a clever tiny brush for grooming too!” Shades: Black, Brown, and also Blue through Green included in 1936.Kurlene:ade of rich herbal oils, carefully and scientifically compounded, promotes the growth and also luxuriance that the lashes. A tiny amount applied each night and rubbed in well, should conveniently overcome unfavorable conditions leaving weak and unattractive lashes qualified of normal development”. In jars and also tubes.Shadette: “Gives mystery, depth come the eyes.” Shades: Brown, Blue, Green and also Violet.


Above: 1937 version using Kurlash products.

Kurlash combined every one of these products into its encourage eye make-up routine:

Step 1—With Tweezette remove straggling eyebrow expansion over bridge of nose betwen eyebrows, and also make eyebrow clear cut.Step 2—Use Kurlene systematically, to encourage the development of dark luxuriant lashes. Additionally to produce glossiness as desired.Step 3—Apply Shadette lightly for work time (with deeper shading in evening) to offer size depth and also luster to her eyes.Step 4—With Kurlash curl the top eyelashes up, do eyes appear larger and lashes seem an extremely long. To emphasize the curl usage Lashpac on just the advice of lashes while held in Kurlash. For those that wear glasses Kurlash is a boon, because that the eyes look larger.Step 5—Use Lashtint, (only on upper lashes) to offer the the shade of shade desired. Usage Kurlene on lower lashes to carry out natural tone and freshness.Step 6—Use Lashpac because that the same function as Lashtint at any type of time, even to touch up color during the day. Additionally darken brows slightly with Lashpac.

(Kurlash, 1936)

A compact kind of Lashtint mascara existed alongside the liquid type and, by 1934, this to be being sold in a patented container that had a sponge to hold water because that moistening the mascara brush.


Above: Patent illustration of a cosmetic compact (U.S. Patent No: 1902681, 1933) designed by Charles W. Stickel and also William R. Tuttle.

Lashtint Compact: “A patented mascara case with a little sponge, ensuring simply the appropriate consistency to darken the lashes naturally without stiffening or caking”. Shades: Black, Brown, and also Blue through Green added in 1936.


Above: 1934 Kurlash products. Height row: Kurlene, Shadette and Lashtint. Bottom Row: Lashpac and also Lashtint Compact.

Kurlash also added a new patented tweezer in 1934. That scissor-like handles had a bending in them to do it easier to view the eyebrows as soon as it to be being used. A experienced version was presented in 1940 marketed through department stores. Similar tweezers room still top top the market today.


Above: 1937 drawing of a pair that tweezers (U.S. Patent No: 12089177, 1937) developed by william J. Beldue.

Twissors:he brand-new tweezers v scissor-handles, curved to permit complete vision. They’re marvelously efficient”.

The patent extending the Twissors to be issued to wilhelm Beldue, one more Rochester resident. His connection with Kurlash came through Charles Stickel. The 2 men had previously functioned together on a patented fish tempt (US1842127, 1932). After Stickel’s fatality in 1941, Beldue seems to have actually taken over the duty of product development at Kurlash and his name shows up on a number of Kurlash patents through to his death in 1955.

In 1936, Kurlash included Gold and Mahogany tones to its Shadette selection bringing the total variety of shades come twelve – irradiate Blue, imperial Blue, Gray Blue, Aqua Blue, spring Green, Olive Green, Violet, Brown, Mahogany, Black, Silver and also Gold and followed this v Iridescent Shadettes (1938) i m sorry sparkled in blue, violet, green and bronze shades. The company also produced a gold-plated beauty brush to use the eyeshadow to the eyelids.


Above: 1936 Kurlash Shadette and also brush. The bottom of the Shadette metal instances are black, the tops silver. The gold painted brush is fitted with fine camel hair.

The critical product added by Kurlash throughout the 1930s to be an Eyebrow Pencil. In production by 1937 at the latest, it perfect the company’s heat of eye make-up.

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I have no records of any new products in ~ Kurlash in between 1937 and also the entrance of the joined States right into the second World battle in December, 1941. The Kurlash eyelash curler had been improved previously in 1941 – with bigger thumb and finger loops, better leverage, a broader opening and a new cushion security – but production ceased once the factory was repurposed for the war initiative in 1943.


Above: 1943 Kurlene advertising alerting client to the Kurlash shortage. Every mentions of Kurlash being an eyelash grower have additionally been dropped because of the pass of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic act (FD&CA) in 1938.


Production of the Kurlash eyelash curler started again after 1945 but the outlook for the company was unfavourable. The Kurlash patents had expired and before the end of the decade brand-new eyelash curlers spring very comparable to the Kurlash began showing up on the market.


Above: 1953 Rollash, a copy of the Kurlash design.

I have no records of any new product advancement at Kurlash between 1945 and also William Tuttle’s fatality in 1953. Through then, Tuttle owned 975 the the 977 company shares, the staying two being hosted by Mildred K. Tuttle, his wife and also Mrs. Helen Lamb, his sister.

Mildred Tuttle determined to market the agency after she husband’s death and, in 1957, Kurlash to be bought by the Glemby company (New York), who acquired a 55% share, and the residence of Westmore (New York), who bought the staying 45%. The owner of Glemby were major investors in the home of Hollywood.

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In 1957, Helena Rubinstein presented her Mascara-matic which significant the end of the long reign that cake mascaras. In 1959, the brand-new owners of Kurlash responded to the Mascara-matic through a new Lashtint Mascara. This automatically mascara and also lash comb in one offered the same architecture as the Aziza Azizamatique, produced by the Scoville Manufacturing agency of Waterbury, Connecticut. In the exact same year, Kurlash also included Evening Eyes, a stick eyeshadow in 5 iridescent shades.

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In the 1960s, the residence of Westmore (New York) purchase Glemby’s re-publishing of Kurlash but then, in 1964, sold it along with Diamon Deb, Inc. – a manicure implements company they additionally owned – come Harold M. Mitchell, Inc.

The Kurlash agency continued come be connected with Diamon Deb through subsequent owners which included: Robert Roth and Mario Maffie, the owners of Verla global Ltd., a packager of nail enamels; cook Bates, Inc., a nail-care products maker; and also Pacer Technology, a manufacturer that adhesives including Super Glue.

With each brand-new owner the Kurlash brand slowly faded from existence. However, its affect lives on now in the many Kurlash-like eyelash curlers and tweezers still on the market.


1923Stickel agency founded in ~ 380 head Street, Rochester, new York.New Products: Kurlash organic Eyelash Curler.
1924Kurlash eyelash curler redesigned.
1925Stickel moves to 130 north Clinton, structure Rochester.
1926Radio advertising commences.
1928Stickel firm renamed Kurlash Company.
1930New Products: Tweezette, Kurlene, Shadette, Lashtint and Lashpac.
1931New Products: Purse-sized urgent Kurlash.
n.d.Kurlash firm of Canada developed at 1475 Queen Street West, Toronto.
n.d.Exports commence.
1934Kurlash eyelash curler improved.New Products: Twissors.
1938New Products: Iridescent Shadettes.
1940New Products: professional Twissors.
1941Kurlash eyelash curler redesigned.
1957Kurlash sold to Glemby and also Westmores.
1959New Products: Evening eyes eyeshadow; and Automatic Lashtint.
1961Westmores acquires remainder of Kurlash and also combines it with Diamon Deb Ltd.
1964Kurlash-Diamon Deb marketed to Harold M. Mitchell, Inc.
1980Kurlash-Diamon Deb marketed to Robert Roth and also Mario Maffie.
1985Kurlash-Diamon Deb move to Newburgh, Orange County, new York State.
n.d.Kurlash-Diamon Deb marketed to cook Bates, Inc.
1998Cook Bates, Inc. Marketed to Pacer Technology.
2001Cook Bates division of Pacer modern technology sold to the W.E. Bassett Company

Updated: 24th June 2018


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