This occasion in 2016 continues its transition towards an previously time in our main calendar ~ above leap years. The is now the more quickly in the year since 1896. This tendency will just be damaged in 2100, because it will not it is in a leap year, hence delaying its incident by almost one day.

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Equinox literally way "equal night" (equi - equal and also nox - night), usually the date of equal length of night and also day. The actual size of daylight top top 20 in march is around ten minutes longer than 12 hours, as result of atmospheric refraction. In the northern Hemisphere it"s recognized as the vernal (spring) equinox and it"s the autumn (fall) equinox in the southerly Hemisphere.

The sunlight crosses the celestial equator from southern to north, so it drops perpendicular top top the Earth"s equator, as can be i found it in the strong sunglint on the Indian s in the herbal Colour RGB at 04:30 UTC (Figure 1).

herbal RGB photo from 20 march 04:30 UTC Dust RGB picture from 20 in march 04:30 UTC


Figure 1: compare of the Meteosat-10 images on solar and also infrared networks at the time of the equinox. The solar image is largely influenced by sunglint, but it still allows to spot large areas of eye in Europe, where winter weather conditions still prevail in this spring. The infrared composite (Dust RGB) completes the weather photo under Meteosat.

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Meteosat-10 organic Colour RGB, 20 march 12:00 UTCHimawari-8 Geocolour, 20 in march 04:30 UTC (Source: CIRA)GOES-15 Visible, 20 march 19:30 UTC (CIMSS Blog)The an initial day that spring. The Vernal Equinox: whatever you need to know (The Telegraph)

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