Becoming King of the Ring in WWE has been Woods’ goal because the tournament sparked his wrestles fandom together a kid. He can finally speak to himself king after obtaining the success over Finn Balor in the final at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia top top Thursday.

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The brand-new Day member to be the people’s choice. Woods, 35, developed a groundswell of support on society media by gift a vocal proponent of the happen King that the Ring ago and expressing how much a win would average to him. After watching Kofi Kingston and big E both win civilization titles in the previous three years, Woods has actually a significant singles success to call his own.

The post caught up with King Woods after the huge moment for part Q&A:

(Edited for clarity and length)

Q: This is a minute you have actually been dreaming around and talking about for a long time. Is there any means to define what you feeling and also what this meant?

A: ns feel royal. I deserve to tell friend that. Top top a actual note, this is what i cared about in wrestling. This is the very first thing the I ever wanted. This is the just thing I ever wanted. For this reason obviously we’re walking to use this king situation to take over (WWE) and also gain together much regulate as humanly possible, which will be total control because the SmackDown kingdom belongs to me now.

But as a kid, this is what ns was i heard with. It’s therefore cool come be part of a tournament due to the fact that every enhance matters, every match way something. The fact that I even made it come the finals, it means so much in itself. Yet then to win and be overfilled king, miscellaneous I always dreamed of and also it’s just surreal that it just happened.

Xavier Woods beat Finn Balor to end up being King of the Ring.WWE

Q: did you do it talked a lot about how this to be a chance for you come shine as singles wrestler and get this moment. What’s the meant, also if girlfriend hadn’t won, to get this opportunity to show people what you have the right to do on her own?

A: It method everything. Because as girlfriend stated, this was a possibility to an outbreak and present everybody in the company that i have worked in every little thing capacity the I can be put in. I’m not just a sign team wrestler. I an extremely much to be a sign team wrestler, but I very much believe that singles rivals have a harder time transitioning into tag team wrestlers since tag team wrestles is so facility and so intricate and there space so many more bodies. I feel choose tag team wrestlers have actually a much far better chance at coming to be incredible single performers since they are provided to therefore many more bodies and also so many more things coming at you. You acquired to save your head ~ above a swivel at every time. Friend don’t recognize if you’re walking to obtain hit native the left or the right. So for me to have the ability to translate mine tag team success into singles success into come to be royalty is because that me, in mine career, precise the best case scenario.


Q: What was cooler, putting the crown on your head or hearing the announcer say, “All hail King Xavier”?

A: I would say placing the crown on my head since I describe myself together King Woods. Ns going to need to have work-related with that male with the microphone because he claimed it incorrectly. That going to it is in very complicated to chant, Hail King Xavier. Too many syllables. So i think Hail King Woods since I desire my civilization to have an easy time.

Q: walk the teenager in friend come out grabbing and looked at the crown?

A: The five-year-old in me come out putting this robe on and also grabbing the scepter, grabbing this crown. That’s why it expected so lot to me because this no something that just came about in just high school. Yet this is something the in primary school school once (they ask) what carry out you desire to be when you thrive up and also (I) to speak I want to it is in a agree wrestler, this is what ns was thinking about. Ns wasn’t thinking about anything however the crown. And then afterwards in life I interpreted the ide of friendship that ended up being such a large part of mine life. That’s once I gravitated towards tag team wrestling yet still always that idea of ending up being king and also having the crown as simply the key goal in the earlier of mine mind, the itch the I had to get scratched, the point that would certainly make me remain awake in ~ night.

Seeing Kofi end up being heavyweight champion, see E come to be heavyweight champion, i’m so happy for my friends and their success and also it’s just real love as soon as you’re honestly happy for someone to execute something. I’m simply glad that ns was able to show the world that i’m pulling my weight in this group, too. Us all have accolades that we can talk about. We space all success in our very own right. That feels good to shut the haters down.

King WoodsWWE

Q: What has it intended to simply see the outpouring of support you’ve gotten, even if it is it’s from the fans, wrestlers in your company, in other companies? It simply seems favor there has been this push and also love for what’s unable to do on with you in this tournament.

A: it’s nice, due to the fact that obviously together you know, wrestles is very different indigenous what it used to it is in 10 years ago, 15, twenty years ago. V the introduction of social media, friend can attach with world in positions favor I to be on tv where human being like me desire to communicate with human being who are connecting with our product. So it’s cool to be able to talk to those human being directly and let them know exactly how I open minded feel around things and also how lot things really median to me. Due to the fact that I think everyone have the right to relate come things favor that. They deserve to relate to somebody who has a goal, who has actually a dream that they’re trying come achieve. They’re seeing that human being work hard as with that space in life, whether it is to gain a new job, whether it’s to acquire a promotion, whether it’s to acquire a significant other, to acquire a brand-new car. So i think that civilization really resonate with the fact that I have actually unbashfully to be screamed at the optimal of mine lungs because that King of the Ring to come earlier ever due to the fact that I’ve to be on the main roster. And I feel favor that fact that in 2019 I got passed up because that it, ns took that hit really personally.

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Being in the tournament off the rip, ns felt incredible. For this reason every time I advanced that feeling grew and I think that civilization felt that v me because when who is genuine and also they phone call you how they really feeling it’s really tough to not roll v that due to the fact that you can relate in some shape or form.

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