The Vampire Diaries: 5 time Stefan to be Mr. Romantic (& 5 time Damon Was) Stefan and also Damon Salvatore have the right to both it is in pretty romantic in The Vampire Diaries, and also each has actually their impressive moments.

While The Vampire Diaries might have hooked fans because that the vampires, witches, and also the superordinary storyline, fans were really head end heels for the romance. There were so numerous relationships and also romantic feelings walk on that it was hard to store track.

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As the collection progressed, storylines changed, hearts fell in love with other characters however at the core of that was always Damon and Stefan. Both Salvatore brothers have a method with the ladies. Who can resist a suave, handsome and also charming vampire? Stefan and Damon both have actually thier romantic moments that would woo anyone, even their top ladies.

Paul Wesley together Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries
Season 3 of the present really tested the love that Elena and also Stefan had. Through this time, Elena was having actually a hard time with her growing feelings because that Damon. Stefan gift the good guy that he is, allowed Elena to think around who she truly want to be with.

Stefan climate tells her that he loves and will always love her. In the season finale, Stefan it s okay even an ext romantic. Their lives are at risk and also Stefan takes the opportunity to offer Elena one last passionate kiss simply in case things would go wrong.

Damon compels Elena season 2 that The Vampire Diaries

Damon to be Mr.Romantic at an early stage into season 2 of the collection that is essential to his and Elena"s future. This is one of his most memorable moments as soon as he speak Elena that he loves her. The shocked fans and also even Elena. That stares deeply into her eyes once he says this and also looks emotional when telling her that he doesn"t worthy her.

Trying to be through her would be selfish the him once Stefan deserves a chance at happiness with her. Therefore the romantic minute turns right into a sorrowful one once Damon compels Elena come forget he ever before told she the truth.

Caroline Forbes in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries
In the last episode fo the 6th season, Stefan tearfully states goodbye to Elena. She speak him that all she wants is for him to it is in happy and also make a life for himself. Overridden v emotion, Stefan offers a heartfelt speech to Caroline through the fire.

Caroline and Stefan to be a romance not numerous expected. Caroline is conflicted with moving forward and letting herself fully love Stefan. She even made a list of how loving Stefan ruined her life. Stefan counterattacks by speak he make a list of every the ways loving her has readjusted his life for the better. Stefan to adjust the record straight and also tells Caroline the he"ll wait because that her.

7 Damon: "You are My Life"

Ian Somerhalder in season 5 that The Vampire Diaries
Damon isn"t really one to provide out romantic moments like his brother. But he does have actually his same share that had fans panting in awe. In the 3rd episode the season five, Damon goes on an emotionally rant about how he yes, really feels about Elena. At this point, Elena and Damon are already together.

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Katsia tries to gain inside Damon"s head by telling him the his and Elena"s relationship will constantly be doomed. Damon, on the other hand, is steadfast in his emotion for Elena and says, "I"m no gonna let someone else"s idea of destiny prevent me from love you or being v you or structure a future with you because you are my life."

The Salvatore brothers were at odds finish when Elena transforms off she humanity. Stefan tries to woo her earlier and remeber who she was. The does so in the most spine-chilling romantic way only Stefan can. While at prom, Stefan is dancing with Elena.

Elena says she doesn"t feel anything between them. The asks her if she really doesn"t remember your time together. The tries to convince her through whispering in her ear just how he would put his hand on her waist once dancing. How their hands would touch and also then dips her while staring right into her eyes. The temperature in the room increased a bit becasue the Stefan"s antics.

5 Damon: Kiss In The Rain

few of Damon"s best and most romantic moments are once he"s through Elena. Damon is trying come bring ago Elena"s storage in episode 7 of the sixth season. As soon as recounting driving the automobile into the Mystic Grill, he tells she the minute she gained in the auto with him to be the minute he knew she was the girl because that him due to the fact that she was simply as crazy together him.

At the finish of the episode, there"s a recall to among their earlier memories. They get recorded in the rain and Elena desires to stay. Damon looks in ~ her v a loving gaze and also smiles and also kisses her will it"s still pouring. It"s a perfectly romantic moment.

back in season two once Elena and also Stefan to be at the highest pointof your relationship, they take it a required getaway. A needed romantic getaway with some steamy kissing scenes. Despit the overall setup being emotional due to it being Elena"s family members lakehouse, there"s one moment that had fans" love flutter.

This is as soon as Elena is staring in ~ the lake indigenous the dock psychic her previous with her family. She starts to ponder about her future with Stefan and he tells she there are numerous things to wonder around the type of life they"ll have actually together anytime she"s ready for it. Elena is upset and also wants to emphasis on the now instead of possibilities and also the past. Stefan whispers in her ear that a new memory is whereby her friend (Stefan) tells she he loves her.

3 Damon: The final Dance

Damon put on the charm and also emotions as soon as it came to the final episode that season 6. The first scene is Damon laying on the road because he was emotion symbolic of just how he and also Elena first really met. He climate holds her face and kisses her.

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Elena feeling the heaviness of the situation yet Damon tries to obtain her mind off it and also asks her for a dance. This is inarguably among the sweetest and also pivotal moments for the couple. He desires her to spend the last moment with that in their very own bubble. The couple is checked out smiling, twirling and being happy. He tells she he"ll never be all set to invest the following 60 years without her.

when fans have the right to agree tha Stefan had actually fans weeping as soon as he proposed come Caroline, fans were additionally sobbing in ~ Stefan"s romantic and also heartfelt vows during their "fake" wedding. Having actually to soup it, Stefan still put his soul into how that feels around Caroline.

He defines her together being his friend, many thanks her for seeing the light in him as soon as was spend by darkness and also saved that from despair. Stefan recounts her telling him he"ll loss in love sooner or later without establish it and it come true v Caroline.

1 Damon: He"ll take it The Cure come Be through Elena

Damon has actually done part selfish and also shameless things in the past yet when it pertains to Elena he"s willing to offer up everything. Even if it way no longer being a vampire. In season 6, Damon looks back at a minute where things adjusted for him in regards to acquisition the cure.

Once seeing an elderly pair still in love, that realizes what he really wanted. He tells Elena that he"ll take it the healing if it supposed he gets to her husband, she partner, the father of her children. The goes on to say also if points didn"t work, the opportunity of a perfect life with her outweighs one immortal life without her by his side. To do it much more romantic, he finishes it turn off by speak he"ll love her till his critical breath.

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