Spoilers ahead for season among Fate: The Winx Saga. Fate: The Winx Saga is the recent YA collection to peak the Netflix charts. The harry Potter-come-Riverdale series is a coming-of-age story centring ~ above Bloom, a fairy who discovers that every little thing she thought she knew around her family history isn’t the reality (sound familiar?), leading she on a find for answers about who she really is and where she come from. While we don’t understand for details who Bloom’s actual parents are, there room some great theories the end there.

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Early ~ above in season one, Bloom (Abigail Cowen) finds out that she is in reality a “changeling”, a fairy who was swapped with a person baby at birth. Which method that the parents the she has known all her life space in reality not her birth parents. Suddenly, things start to make sense for Bloom, including the reality that her magical abilities are (as Aisha notes) are far too strong to it is in from a “dormant fairy bloodline”.

So Bloom to be born to fairies, other her human parents weren"t aware of till she speak them in the finale illustration of season one. (This is where Fate differs native its Winx club source material: in Winx, Bloom"s parents always knew she was no their organic child.)

For much of season one, we follow Bloom ~ above her search to uncover out that her real parents could be and how she ended up in California in the an initial place. Driven on by fellow Alfea college student Beatrix, Bloom find out much more and much more about the elusive Rosalind, Alfea"s ex-headmistress whom part fans think can be Bloom’s birth mother.

This theory mainly stems native the reality that Rosalind is revealed to have actually imprinted a memory onto Bloom together a kid – other the young fairy keeps having visions of throughout season one. Through pursuing this memory, Bloom finds out that she to be originally uncovered in Aster Dell, having actually been kidnapped by Blood Witches as a baby because of her particularly powers. Rosalind rescued Bloom and also took her from the Otherworld come the first World (Earth), finishing up in California. To be she do the efforts to store her safe? A mothering instinct forcing she to do a daunting choice?

Rosalind definitely knows a lot around Bloom’s history – she seems to know Bloom’s powers, and is able come answer Bloom’s questions about her family members – yet she also seems come be very interested in using her strength – maybe too interested. And, as we find out at the end of season one, Rosalind is a attention fairy whether she"s Bloom"s mom or not.

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Another theory floating roughly suggests that Farah, the present headmistress in ~ Alfea (until the finale episode, at least), could be Bloom"s mother and that she"ll be ago in season two in spite of having she neck snap by Rosalind. Over there was certainly a one-of-a-kind connection between Farah and Bloom in season one, and also the headmistress seemed to have actually a heat (almost parental?) perspective towards the changeling.

Of course, one very string pan theory follows the initial Nickelodeon Winx Club animation, wherein Bloom"s organic parents space Oritel and Marion, the king and also queen that the kingdom of Domino. There"s to be no hint of this yet in Winx, yet I"m sure fans would certainly enjoy discovering that Bloom has actually royal ancestry.

Whether Rosalind, Farah, or who else totally is Bloom’s birth mother, we don"t recognize for details yet. Other we have the right to look forward to Bloom experimenting further in season two, perhaps?