What happened To Smallville's Green arrowhead After The display Ended Here"s what taken place to Smallville"s Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) after the series finale. The answer can be uncovered in the season 11 comic.

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Tom Welling together Superman and also Justin Hartley together Green arrow in Smallville
Here"s what taken place to Smallville"s Green arrow (Justin Hartley) after the series ended. The billionaire playboy that moonlighted as the Emerald Archer was one of the only DC Comics superheroes come play an integral function in Clark Kent"s journey in becoming Superman. Oliver was deeply associated in the key plot because that the last three periods of the Superman prequel series.

Oliver joined Smallville in the start of season 6 as a love interest for Lois roadway (Erica Durance) and a guide of sorts because that Clark (Tom Welling), who still wasn"t prepared to come to be a full-fledged superhero. He learned Clark"s an enig within a work of conference him, and also evolved right into one his closestly allies, hold a recurring duty throughout the an initial half the season 6, followed by a solitary guest-appearance in season 7. Hartley to be upped to series regular in Smallville season 8, and remained a member that the main actors until the finish of the series. Oliver eventually married Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) in season 10 and together the two watched Clark - suitable up together Superman - avoid Darkseid from damaging the planet.

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Smallville provided a happy ending to the pair in the collection finale, yet the Smallville Season 11 comic extended their story. Despite Oliver was active throughout his time on Smallville as the eco-friendly Arrow, he found that there to be a lot much less for that to do in Metropolis, together Clark preserved the city safe as Superman. However, things quickly adjusted as danger after danger descended on the heroes. Oliver was on hand when Clark battled doppelgangers from a parallel universe, Batman, Lex Luthor, the Monitors in Smallville"s own version of dilemm on boundless Earths, and more.

Justin Hartley as Green arrowhead in Smallville
He ongoing to serve as a member the the Justice league (a team he developed in season 6), and also engaged in epos one-on-one showdowns v Prometheus and Nightwing. Towards the end of the comic, the federal government put Oliver in charge of Smallville"s Outsiders, i m sorry was based upon a team formed by Batman in DC Comics. Smallville"s variation of the team was a task force that consisted greatly of metahuman convicts who Oliver was meant to train. External of his superhero career, Oliver continued to live happily through Chloe, that eventually came to be pregnant v their son. This child - that was named "Jonathan", ~ Clark"s dad - was watched in the flash-forward scene at the end of the collection finale.

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The Smallville Season 11 comic makes it clear the Oliver maintained critical presence in Clark"s life lengthy after the display ended, i m sorry is true to the role he had in the TV series. Clark met Oliver in ~ a time as soon as he had end up being complacent v his life on the farm, and also it was Oliver who offered a him much-needed press toward fulfilling his destiny together Superman. Thanks to Oliver, Clark finally realized that there was a whole civilization out over there that needed him.