You might know rapper Lil Mama together the person who sang “Lip Gloss,” yet did you know her actual name is Niatia Jessica Kirkland?

There’s an ext to this woman than the tune that launched her right into stardom.

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Need proof? right here are five facts you have to know about Lil Mama.

1 Lil Mama’s hit song “Lip Gloss” threw her into the spotlight.


Lil Mama told complicated the birth of “Lip Gloss” started while she was rapping with a girl friend on Lenox path in brand-new York. She bumped into a guy who said he was v the Ruff Ryders, and he ended up presenting her come Ali Samii, a previous road manager for DMX. In 2006, Lil Mama flew to Atlanta v Samii, which is as soon as they created “Lip Gloss.”

“I was in high school,” Lil Mama said Complex. “My totality thing to be lip gloss. Next you know, it to be a hit, and I’m sending out all species of share up. I’m talking MAC, L’Oreal. It had a big impact ~ above a generation.”

The rapper was just 17 years old as soon as the song broke on warm 97 and also she signed through Jive. However once her 2nd single, “G-Slide,” from her debut album, “VYP – Voice of the Young People,” come out, it to be a flop.

She told complex that the reputation hit she quick and also fast, and she wasn’t all set for the change. “I was very excited in ~ the moment I was signing… i wasn’t mindful of whatever that to be coming with it,” Lil Mama said.

“Lip Gloss” fight no. 10 on Billboard’s warm 100, but “VYP’s” relax didn’t earn the worship she intended it to. Human being had moved on.

Her job peaked at “Lip Gloss.”

2 Lil Mama was a judge on “America’s ideal Dance Crew.”

She to be on the present from its first season in 2008 to the saturday season in 2012. She also managed come stir up a lot of controversy during she time together a judge.

During dance crew Vogue Evolution’s performance in the fourth episode the season four, Lil Mama dubbed out dancer and transgender mrs Leiomy for exhilaration out during the crew’s rehearsal performance. Throughout her review, she stated Leiomy’s gender orientation and how she needs to act more like a lady. She said:

“Leiomy, come on. Your habits … it’s unacceptable. I simply feel that you constantly have come remember your truth. You to be born a man and you are coming to be a woman. If you’re going to end up being a woman, act favor a lady. Don’t it is in a bird, prefer ‘Oh my god, I’m not doing this!’ You recognize what I’m saying? the gets too crazy and it gets confusing. You’re law this for America. Even though you’re the confront for transgenders, you’re the face of America right now with this group and it’s not about anybody else. It’s around y’all. You recognize what I’m saying? So perform it for the team. Perform it for the team.”

GLAAD, an company working to develop equality because that the LGBT neighborhood in the media, reported that they got complaints indigenous constituents about Lil Mama’s comments.

Lil Mama called Complex, however, that she fit right into the world of dance while judging because that ABDC. But since then, she’s likewise realized the impacts of her words.

“I think about some the the points I stated on the show, and also how it influenced people. It was a finding out experience,” Lil Mama said. “You don’t have to hurt people to assist them.”

3 Lil Mama’s net worth is $6 million.


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The bulk of her network worth originates from her music. She studio album “VYP – Voice the the Young People” offered over 19,000 units during its first week and debuted in ~ No. 25 ~ above the Billboard 200 chart.

“Lip Gloss” was certified yellow by the RIAA in 2008. She additionally received an compensation for selection Summer tune at the 2007 Teen an option Awards. Climate the adhering to year, the rapper won the choice Rap/Hip Hop track award at the 2008 Teen selection Awards. She was also featured top top Dr. Luke’s remix the “Girlfriend” through Avril Lavigne.

She also reportedly make $1.75 million for her track “Billionaire,” $1.5 million for “Hustler Girl,” a million dollars for “Shawty acquire Loose” and $785 thousand because that “Lip Gloss.”

Outside that music, she had actually her TV gigs. Along with being a referee on “America’s finest Dance Crew,” she played Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in the 2013 TV movie “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” a movie centered about the R&B and also hip hop group, TLC.

4 Lil Mama crashed JAY-Z and also Alicia Keys’ video clip Music Awards performance.

After JAY-Z and Keys finished your performance of “Empire State of Mind,” Lil Mama ran ~ above the phase to pose v the duo. As soon as she gained on stage, JAY-Z tapped her on the leg informing her come leave.

That moment pretty much destroyed Lil Mama’s career because people quit taking she seriously.

Even as soon as she apologized because that the stunt, JAY-Z ignored her apology and called the incident “outta line.”

She was then turned right into a meme. Twitter go out up over it and also started the trending hashtag #littlemamais, a image where world compared Lil Mama to human being or points that interrupt significant performances or events.

She told complex the situation made she stronger. When no one stand up because that her, she establish this service was simply a business.

The rapper was also blackballed by the industry. Lil Mama explained world didn’t want to take a chance on her in situation it made JAY-Z and Keys pick not to occupational with them.

Down the road, the situation got dark and also it messed v her psychological health.

“It hurt,” she said. “It take it a many of psychological strength, spiritual strength and physical strength not to want to ache others, no to desire to ache myself. A person could be damn close to suicidal.”

Fortunately, filming the TLC biopic readjusted everything roughly for her.

5 Lil Mama is make a comeback in 2017.


Photo via Instagram/lilmama

The rapper will certainly be starring in the TV film “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story.” based upon a true story, Lil Mama will be play Falicia Blakely, a 16-year-old mommy who is pulled right into a world of crime and also danger by she boyfriend.

Director Tasha blacksmith admitted Lil Mama was not her an initial choice because that the command role, yet TV One currently cast the rapper.

But, as soon as the actress asked blacksmith if she would have cast her because that the role, smith was moral with her. “Lil Mama request me, ‘Would friend have actors me?’ and also I called her, ‘Never.’ yet she made me a believer,” blacksmith told PageSix.

The movie is set to premier Aug. 28 ~ above TV One.

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While that seems prefer Lil Mama’s career has actually taken a collection of high ups and terrible downs, she clearly hasn’t permit anything keep her down.