The 2nd protagonist that the Pokemon anime, Ash's Pikachu, is well-known for some iconic moves favor Thunderbolt. But, the Electric-type Pokemon has used several various other moves together well, and today we'll it is in going over every one of them.

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we won't be including the Z-Moves and G-Max moves the it's used, nor the many, countless moves that Pikachu linked with various other moves (from itself or various other Pokemon), nor the ones the Pikachu and Ash just kind of... Make up? Anyway, let's get into it.

Updated on august 10, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Since the initial publishing of this post, many an ext episodes of the Pokemon anime have aired. We've provided it a refresh come make sure it's approximately date.

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You can technically call every one of these move Pikachu's signature moves, as they're constantly the ones provided when it demands to traction off big damage, v Thunderbolt and Thunder yes, really doing the hefty lifting.

they are powerful moves, though, and also they're nearly always the moves the are offered to send Team Rocket blasting turn off again.

Thunderbolt is specifically iconic, and is often linked with Ash's Pikachu as soon as it involves the anime.

ash pikachu agility
In the Pokemon anime, Agility is a move that is offered to zoom end to your foe as you blink earlier and forth on a generic blue background for this reason we can save a tiny bit the money top top animation. It's one explosive show, okay?

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Agility is most regularly used because that Pikachu to gain in close come its enemy in order to deal some powerful damage.

the seems like Pikachu really needed some speed, due to the fact that both Agility and also Quick strike were learned in the same episode, which featured Ash's battle against Lt. Surge.

ash pikachu fast attack
This is a relocate that us see frequently in the anime, not simply from Pikachu, however from countless other Pokemon as well. Pikachu learned that in the very same episode where it learned Agility.

Quick assault is offered pretty regularly to throw the opponent's Pokemon off before they have actually a opportunity to counter. It's weirdly powerful in the anime, too, so that does kind of make sense as to why so plenty of Trainers keep the relocate around.

pikachu using double-edge top top ritchie
Double-Edge is a move that girlfriend don't see Pikachu pull out as well often. That's because it to be only provided in one solitary episode, every the method back in 1999.

It's a powerful move, though, and Pikachu offered it fairly well, smashing right into Ritchie's Butterfree. Unfortunately, Ash and also Pikachu lost versus Ritchie overall.

ash pikachu tackle
another move the Pikachu has ready for... Some reason... Is Tackle. It's worse than both Double-Edge and Quick Attack, but Pikachu is no afraid to literally throw its body into its foe if need be. What's even worse is that Pikachu can't even legally learn Tackle in the games.

Does it make any sense? No? Is Ash the Champion of Alola? Well... Yes. Walk that typical he to know what he's law in any means at all? not always!

That's... That's Leer. Yup. Luckily, Leer isn't a move that Pikachu offers in battle all too often. Instead, it was used to cheer up Togepi when it to be sad.

favor Tackle, Pikachu can't legally find out Leer in the games, making this another illegal move that Ash's Pikachu has used. At the very least it to be for a an excellent cause.

steel Tail is another one the Pikachu's signature moves. Pikachu supplies this move to slam that is tail down on the opponent, dealing a huge amount of damage in the process.

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This is a relocate that Pikachu and also Ash have actually used creatively countless times, including some improvised mix moves with Iron Tail and other moves. Castle usually job-related out well. Pikachu has used this move for countless years, and also it doesn't it seems to be ~ to it is in going away any time soon.

together you deserve to probably tell from the name, Electro round is a relocate where Pikachu launches an orb of electricity at one opponent. Pikachu learns this move throughout the black & White era, and also it to be the very first time it had learned a new move because the adventurers were in Hoenn.

In the games, Electro Ball's power is dependent upon just how much faster the user is 보다 their target. Offered how quick we've checked out Pikachu zip approximately in the anime, it could be inflicting some heavy damage when it provides this move.

Electroweb is Pikachu's newest move, newly learned in the sunlight & Moon series. Electroweb is supplied to sheathe Pikachu in a net-like sheathe that have the right to keep it for sure from attacks, yet it can be provided offensively as well.

many of Pikachu's moveset is based on dealing as much damages as feasible at any type of given time, so having a relocate that can offer Pikachu a tiny bit of utility here and there isn't a bad thing by any type of means.

Pikachu frequently uses this relocate for utility, trapping rather or bouncing turn off of it as a springboard.

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another one that Pikachu's most iconic move of all time is Volt Tackle. This is among Pikachu's most an effective attacks, together it operation at an foe at full speed, crashing into them and also packing one electrified punch.

While the does transaction a great chunk of recoil damage, it an ext than makes up for it with its life power. This relocate was one the took Pikachu some time come master, but easily became one that its most trusted techniques of attack.

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