Hand-kissing could be many things to numerous people, however we somehow feel the it is the epitome of chivalry, respect, and admiration. Friend needn"t feel all boggled if, in today"s world, you have been acquiring pecked on her hand. Come decode the an interpretation of this gesture, rememberingsomer.com gives you a quick explanation on what does a kiss top top the hand signify.

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Speaking that the contemporary world, if your guy has actually been kissing your hands lately, let’s just say he is a timeless lover express his attraction towards you. Possibly he needs some time to reach the end the forehead and also then the lips. He is acquisition it slow so that points go smooth and also not hasty. Great for you!

A Diplomatic Gesture

It wouldn’t it is in wrong to say the the exercise of hand-kissing is currently constrained to the elite circles that the diplomats. Yes, the is undoubtedly a diplomatic gesture. The famous series, The Godfather, has displayed it to the world how a hand-kiss could be symbolic of one’s fidelity in the direction of a an effective person such together the Don. This kiss signifies your loyalty, allegiance, and complete submissiveness come an decisive person, be it the Don, a priest, or one emperor!

A religious Gesture

Hand-kissing likewise holds a far-reaching importance in the roman inn Catholic Church. That is a part of the protocol that one demands to monitor while meeting critical figure in the roman Catholic society, such together the Pope, Cardinal, or clergymen. At times, the devotees tend to kneel under on the left knee and also kiss the high-ranking monk to display their respect and devotion; the priest then lays his hands on the person to bless him.

This kiss is additionally a prize of respect and honor in details Orthodox churches. The only distinction here is that in this churches, the devotee raises his ideal hand (with palm up) instead of kneeling ~ above the left knee. In an answer to this, the priest blesses the devotees and voluntarily places his hand ~ above their open palm so that they may kiss his hand. Here, the devotees’ kiss is not just constrained to the priest but it is a symbolic act of kissing the human body of Christ!

A Gesture to Greet the Elderly


In part cultures, a kiss on the hand signifies respect to the elderly. In fact, in nations including Malaysia, Turkey, Philippines, and Indonesia, the elderly, both males and females, room greeted this way, ~ which your hands are placed by the giver towards the giver’s forehead with an on purpose to obtain blessings native the elderly.

A Parting Gesture


If you have been kissed ~ above the hand rather often, you can have noticed the a male usually gives this kiss at the finish of the meeting, more like a parting gesture. Together if he’s silently letting you recognize that he had actually a an excellent time through you, and also that you space someone he important admires.

This, come a certain degree, method that that sees something unique in you, and also isn’t someone who is all around sex. He desires to know you, know you, and when the time appears right, take the partnership to the next level. Where perform you find guys prefer this!

The modern Romantic Connotations …

There are number of connotations that this kiss, maintaining our present thought-process and also psyche in mind. These are provided as under.


➢ once a male kisses her hand, it can mean that he wants more hints from friend to feel confident enough to relocate ahead, physically.

➢ that could additionally signify that he is shy and also wants to take points slow.

➢ that doesn’t see you as someone to be “used” for sex, but adores you truly for your persona. Lucky you!

➢ he is a gentleman that treats his lady love through respect and also honor, and also respects her require for space.

➢ This kiss could additionally be symbolic the a budding trustworthiness, and also a confident hope for togetherness in the coming time.

➢ it can also convey an emotionally attraction in the direction of you, and that you space truly cherished and honored by him.

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➢ plenty of times it simply doesn’t average anything. That is just something that he walk to present his affection towards you.

If you ask 10 various guys of why they would kiss a girl on her hands, friend will get ten thousand various responses. Right from no being confident sufficient to lip kiss, to simply being pulled to the awesome-smelling hand odor of yours, guys will have actually absolutely everything (or nothing) once it pertains to the on purpose behind kissing. Nonetheless, in this particular kind of kiss, there is hardly ever any an adverse aspect come it. Therefore, our advice to you lucky girls would be to store enjoying this courteous and polite action as much as you can. After ~ all, the old romantic ways are always cherished by us even today, aren’t they?