ice is strange, in the the solid kind is less dense than the fluid water it freezes from. This causes Ice come float on height of the water.

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How would certainly our planet planet be various if something readjusted this property of ice cream so the it ended up being significantly denser than water. Thick enough to sink to the bottom.

Would the poles frozen up completely?

How would the climate and also life it is in affected?



If ice cream did no float, Snowball earth would have had a bigger effect on life ( when after an excellent oxygenation it to be not enough CO2 in the environment to keep planet warm sufficient and, follow to part theories, the whole surface of earth was extended by ice.) but it is quite feasible that life could survive anyway roughly underwater volcanoes and also in locations of enhanced salinity (saltier water freezes at reduced temperature).

Maybe that was no 100% ice covered, perhaps there were gaps (slushball earth) and also after an excellent extinction some lifeforms would have survived, however you space taking opportunities with lowering the chance of evolving more complex life forms. We recognize that Tardigrade can survive freezing and also the vacuum of space, more complicated life is separate question.

Even v today"s climate, if ice cream sunk to the s bottom (where it is colder, and also summer warmth is harder come get). Such ice would certainly not melt because that millennia, creating perma-ice (similar to permafrost). Life would be possible only in shallow great of water between perma-ice and surface. This layer would be really cold, cooled indigenous the bottom by perma-ice.

As a result, oil areas would no form, or if formed, they would certainly be between layers the perma-ice. Same with other geological forms produced from sediments that sea bottoms, favor chalk, limestone, sandstone. These will certainly be mixed with perma-ice. Possibly limestome would never ever form, since pressure to developed it would certainly heat and also melt ice layers.

Such ice frozen under press transforms to hexagonal columns. Really pretty. Columns can be separated undamaged - ice cream shatters on influence into hexagonal columns.

After compressed in larger depth, or uplifted by geology processes above sea level, ice would certainly melt and layer over would collapse. Would create an extremely different geology on together planet.

Interesting results on together planet:

No tsunami after earthquake, due to the fact that liquid ocean is shallow.More volcanoes, because much more water (perma-ice) would be subducted in subduction zones in continent drift.Frequent smaller sized tsunami, when mixed layers that ice and sediment crack.Bigger transforms in weather between summer and winter, due to the fact that temperature stabilizing result of oceans would be substantially reduced (less volume that water).Interesting results with near-ocean volcanoes like Hawaii and also Iceland. Or underwater volcanoes, melt perma-ice and messing increase geologic layers, creating much more tsunamis.Warm ocean currents would certainly melt underwater canyons in perma-ice. Would have actually interesting impacts on oceans, especially as continental drift would relocate such canyons.such canyons in perma-ice would have actually surprising methods to focus tsunami. after ~ thinking around it, tsunamis top top such world would be regular and more localized, more focused, since energy that tsunami would dissipate much less (wave would take trip down the canyon with small decrease in terrible power or dispersion).These canyons would certainly have similar effect favor bends in river delta: rather of sediments, layers of ice higher than the "banks" of "canyons" would certainly be deposit by tsunamis, and quickly frozen, creating "walls" in between polders wherein water in summer would certainly be new melt (little salt), but darker bottom due to the fact that of sediments. Those polders would be freshwater lakes top top perma-ice (not on dry land).Liquid parts of oceans would by much saltier because salt "freezes out" native ice.It is quite feasible that in some locations closer come poles, salt would certainly centralize in few areas, creating really salty lakes (which would certainly not freeze even in winter, warming castle up since of build-up of glaciers in Arctic (2 mile thick over sea level prefer Antarctic), sea level in tropical locations would it is in much reduced (some 100-300 meter less) due to the fact that all the water would be solid in thick polar glaciers. Glaciers would prolong much farther from poles, and also climate would certainly be colder (more sun power would it is in reflected back to space).ice reflects much more sun energy than water, positive feedback). Result in Arctic s would be perma-ice every the method to the surface, even method above sea level in tropics, with occasional very salty lakes high in the perma-ice/glacier mountains. so perma-ice would be choose solid land, supporting glaciers and also salt lakes (with possibly addition of great of dust carried by winds).In snowball step of Earth, seas would freeze completely (bottom to height in winter) except near underwater volcanoes. As a result: Life would adapt to to make it through occasional freezing, and be may be to continue after thawing. Re
David Richerby properly notes, if ice dropped to bottom, if cold lasts long enough, human body of water would certainly freeze bottom to top. Then, even throughout summer it might not melt all the means to the bottom (ice being protected by cold water on peak of it), and ice would accumulate till frozen solid bottom come top. Not good for facility life.Effect on plant life top top continents would be minimal.

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periods would be much more pronounced, yet plants deserve to handle that. So coal need to be possible - and additionally industrial revolution.Such adaptation to survive countless freeze/thaw cycles would certainly be boost for slower-than-light travel. For this reason if advanced life and space-faring world could construct on such planet, they would have an excellent advantage in room travel.