A almost four-decade-old seasoned of VapoRub ointment has gone viral on Twitter ~ a mom shares that the "vintage Vicks" -- which she own mommy used ~ above her together a son -- functioned well on her congested son.Twitter
Whatever works?

A frugal grandmother has found good company ~ above Twitter, where many users speak they feel just as comfortable as she does using a decades-old seasoned of Vicks VapoRub on your bodies, regardless of an expiration date that lapsed prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Wrote mother Heather Chacon ~ above Sunday: “My son has actually been sick (not Covid) and shout out to mine mom, that loaned us the same pot that Vicks she offered to use on me growing up.”

“Expiration date 1-87,” Chacon added.

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Her not authorised tweet has because been met with more than 155,000 likes and also 13,000 retweets. Many commenters have shared their very own ridiculously old tubs that Vicks — and a few other disturbing finds.

“My vintage jug of Vicks: glass jar, painted metal lid, no expiration day anywhere,” listed one follower, whose jar dates ago to a time prior to expiration dates were compelled by the Food and also Drug Administration. “ ’VAP O rub 63′ molded into underside.”

“Originally mom’s, that lurks in the edge of the medicine cabinet. I’m a small afraid to open it, choose a VapoGenie could escape before I require it someday,” the user joked.

My vintage jug of Vicks: glass jar, painted metal lid, no expiration date anywhere, "VAP O obstacle 63" molded into underside. Initially mom's, it lurks in the edge of the medication cabinet. I'm a little afraid to open it, choose a VapoGenie might escape prior to I require it someday. Pic.twitter.com/2XJpC9w4bJ

— Boris Tudeth (
JB_catshark) September 13, 2021

“I’ve got you beat!” another added. “Just uncovered this in mine mom’s closet and it’s my grandma’s creating on there. November 1965. Ns was congested the other day, put some under my nose, and also work simply fine! This stuff is immortal!”

Even the reported an international chief clinical officer of health care firm Babylon — that presumably has all the access in the world to high-quality medical treatment — quipped that his mom insisted her more-than-40-year-old VapoRub is great to go.

“My mother sent along a jar native ‘82 and also calls to examine I used the right an approach (tbsp into boiled H2O, inhaled end 20m via putting a towel over my head end the pot),” composed Darshak Sanghavi. “BTW i’m the … CMO in ~ UnitedHealthcare. She don’t care,” the emphasized.

One person had to suggest out the absurdity of that all: “We live in a world where a Vicks native the attic tho works, yet you have a heap of expired iPads in her bottom drawer.”

I view your Vicks Vaporub and also will raise you an expired bottle of Caladryl calamine lotion the works choose a charm. This go from mine childhood home, to college through me, and now to adulthood married v kids. Pic.twitter.com/6daMgZ4Y8D

— Emily L. (
Pagemaster4Life) September 13, 2021

It’s not just Vicks that seems to linger in Americans’ medicine cabinets. Followers shared evidence of several various other now-questionable remedies, such as a well-worn party of Caladryl and — a potential danger — Paregoric, an opium-based tincture. When technically legal and also prescribed, the medication has due to the fact that been supplanted by drugs that can do the project without the dangers that come with morphine.

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“I cleaned out my uncle’s house this year and also found a vintage party of PAREGORIC,” included one monitor to the thread. According to the label, “Each 100cc has 40 mg anhydrous morphine. Son 1 month old, 5 drops. 1 yr old, 10 drops. 5 yrs old, 20 drops. Adults, 1 tsp 1-3x a day. Might be habit forming,” the tweet reads.

A social media representative because that Vicks comment to the thread: “We recommend the you don’t usage an expired product.”Alamy share Photo

Procter & Gamble, device of Vicks products, replied to the initial poster top top Monday morning through a warning in the thread.

“Heather, we’re sorry your child is sick, and hope he’s feeling far better soon. The safety and security of your family members is very important to us, and also while we appreciate your mom’s confidence in VapoRub, we recommend that you don’t use an expired product. Please send united state a DM with any type of questions,” the firm rep implored.

The write-up has reached out to professionals who may have the ability to account because that Vicks’ seemingly lengthy shelf life.

Despite Procter & Gamble’s response, Chacon later evidenced that the remedy worked: “Vintage Vicks because that the win,” she concluded.