WAM Aangh! Wrong! however thank you for play the game!H2O = 8.34 lbs/gal1 cu. Ft. = 7.42 galA gallon that gasoline, will weigh roughly the exact same as water.The "specific" gravity of liquids is based upon a proportion with water being ONE (1) together "fresh" water is consistent worldwide. A liquid through a certain gravity of 1.8 is 1.8 time heavier 보다 water. Which would be 15.01 lbs/gal.BTW, the cu. Ft. Of water will certainly weigh 61.88 lbs.

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Specific gravity is generally used to show the concentration the a details chemical suspended in solution.I think "specific gravity" is measured with a "hygrometer"?WAM, no offense intended!

Wrong-O! Weight and volume of H2O and gasoline will certainly vary through temperature, so the is 7.48 in ~ its highest density at 39.2F. Look it up: gas weighs 2 lbs less per gallon in ~ 68 deg F.

Okay. But that"s no all i was dorn about. Certain gravity (SG) is measured through a "hydrometer", no a "hygrometer"! The last measures "moisture content".Then the SG of gasoline is COOL!More data because that my "Interesting file of Useless Information"!


I think to resolve this question all you have to do is bespeak a Tequila Sunrise. The answer needs to do through the relative density of a liquid. The denser the more heavier the liquid. The Grenadine on the bottom Orange Juice and also finally Tequila. Even if it is you drink it on the deck or the restaurant. As with a gallon the molten lead is heavier than a gallon the water which is heavier than a gallon of gas. Leaving the mathematics for the check!
Hi...Can you measure a gallon of any liquid without making use of a container?A gallon the water in a steel container (like in a fire truck) is considered to sweet approx. 10 pounds.
Saltwater weighs around 23 lbs so allows go v water. By the way, girlfriend didn"t clues what kind of water.

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