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Heritage Springer history and other Details...The FLSTS legacy Springer was presented in 1997 as a replacement because that the FLSTN heritage Softail. Unlike the FXSTS Softail Springer, the FLSTS legacy Springer came with a 16 customs front wheel fairly than the 21 inch. It additionally came with saddlebags through fringe, whitewalls, fishtail mufflers, and passing lamps as an effort to offer it the look at of a "48 FL Panhead. The "97-"99 models years had actually an advancement motor v a 5-speed transmission. These to be mated v the classic closed primary chaincase. The evolution was 80 cubic inches(1340 cc) and also used a twin fire ignition i m sorry fired both the cylinders in ~ the same time nevertheless of the fact that one piston would certainly not be in ~ the optimal compression stroke. Just carbs were obtainable and the gas tanks were separation with a 4.2 gallon capacity. Radical changes arisen with the coming of the 2000 model year. A new Softail frame was presented with a different and improved geometry. The structure backbone was strengthened and also a new swingarm with improved rear brakes (additional piston) were added. The Softail shocks were redesigned together with a sealed bearing system for the wheels to add to the enhanced ride. V the framework change, oil tanks, seats, shocks, wheels, rear brakes, rear rotors, sheetmetal, foot controls, wiring harnesses, ignition coils, engines, transmissions and primary drives were no longer interchangeable. The advancement motor was replaced with the twin Cam. The Twin cam was enhanced to 88 cubic inches(1450 cc) and also for Softails only, to be counterbalanced to compensate for the strict mounting system used. A significant improvement was the attachment of the transmission to the ago of the motor for increased strength. The wiring to be improved and made means for the addition of fuel-injection together an option. Also, the ignition was upgraded to solitary fire v performance mods by the owner welcomed. An integrated fork lock in the steering head was added, and also a factory alarm. In 2001 a cosmetic readjust included the edge being gotten rid of from the saddlebags and the seat. Interesting way enough, Harley did not upgrade the heritage Springers prior brake caliper in "99. Springers were the just Softails that ongoing using the exact same caliper ~ above the front that was used due to the fact that 1984.

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Unfortunately, Harley determined to discontinue The FLSTS legacy Springer ~ the 2003 model year. 1997 Production: 9717 UnitsPPG color Codes (1997 HD Colors):Aqua Pearl 47435Birch White 90303Mystique environment-friendly 47981Patriot Red Pearl 74661Platinum silver- 36209States Blue Pearl 19656Victory Red Sunglo 36209/74662Violet Pearl 52111Vivid black color 9850 1998Production: 7738 UnitsProduction that the 95th Anniversary: 3000 systems WorldwidePPG color Codes (1998 HD Colors):Birch White 90303Lazer Red Pearl 75129Mystique eco-friendly 47981Platinum silver 36209Sinister Blue Pearl 190524Violet Pearl 52111Vivid black 985095th Anniversary color Champagne Met 28712 Midnight Red Pearl 751301999Production: 2790 UnitsPPG shade Codes (1999 HD Colors):Aztec Orange Pearlcoat 61889Birch White 90303Cobalt Blue Pearlcoat 191058Diamond ice Pedarlcoat 37056Lazer Red Pearl 75129Mystique eco-friendly 47981Nugget Yellow 83735Scarlet Red 72095Sinister Blue Pearl 190524Violet Pearl 52111Vivid black color 98502000Production: 3669 UnitsPPG color Codes (2000 HD Colors):Aztec Orange Pearlcoat 61889Birch White 90303Bronze Pearl 62074Chrome Yellow 84454Cobalt Blue Pearlcoat 191058Diamond ice Pearlcoat 37056Ice White 92151Luxury well-off Red 75946Sinister Blue Pearl 190524Suede eco-friendly Pearl 400442Viking Purple/Concord violet Pearl 52788Vivid black 9850White to mark Pearl 92151/92152 2001Production: 1857 UnitsPPG color Codes (2001 HD Colors):Birch White 90303Bronze Pearl 62074Chrome Yellow 84454Diamond ice cream Pearl 37056Jade Sunglo 3ct 193774/401515Luxury affluent Blue 193774Luxury rich Red 75946Racing Orange B/C 62685Real Teal flash 401419Suede environment-friendly Pearl 400442Viking Purple/Concord purple Pearl 52788Vivid black color 9850White to mark Pearl 92151/92152 2002Production: 1876 UnitsPPG color Codes (2002 HD Colors):Birch White 90303Diamond ice Pearlcoat 37056Imperial Blue Mica/impact Blue Mica 195343Jade Sunglo 3ct 193774/401515Luxury rich Blue 193774Luxury affluent Red 75946Racing Orange B/C 62685Real Red 700382Real Teal flash 401419Suede eco-friendly Pearl 400442Viking purple /Concord purple Pearl 52788Vivid black color 9850White highlight Pearl 92151/92152 2003Production: 3100 Units* (for global distribution)1410 lively Black/Sterling silver- Units1260 Vivid black color Units429 Gunmetal Blue Units*1 Gunmetal Blue Unit maintained by Harley-DavidsonPPG shade Codes (2003 HD Colors):Gunmetal Gray 902651Jet black color 9850Sterling silver 902650