Friction originates as soon as two surfaces slide over each other. Over there are numerous factors that affect friction. The frictional force is based on the interlocking device and also on other determinants like pressure and also design. Let us know the determinants affecting friction through examples, quizzes, and also links to research study articles.

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What room the factors affecting friction?

Roughness/smoothness the the slide objectRoughness/smoothness of the surfaceShape/design that the objectNormal force acting top top the sliding bodiesDry friction is independent of the surface area that a contactType the friction involved(rolling/sliding)Sliding surface’s state of issue (solid/fluid)

The Friction force depends mostly on the above-listed factors, let’s comment on them in detail.

1. The smoothness of the sliding object

The centralized body the dolphins help them to mitigate friction in the water.

Aircraft and also fishes use a streamlined design in stimulate to alleviate friction.

5. Friction is elevation of the area contact

Friction is straight proportional come the typical force yet is elevation of the area that contact. μ * N, where μ is the coefficient the friction>

6. Kind of friction connected (rolling/sliding)

Rolling friction is constantly less 보다 sliding friction. The development of wheels is likewise a aspect that can reduce friction drastically. Try sliding her suitcase compared to a stroller bag, you have the right to feel the ease of movement as result of the drastic reduction in friction. Example: roller skates alleviate friction and hence enable us to relocate faster compared to normal shoes.

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7. Sliding surface’s state of matter (solid/fluid)

Fluid friction is always generally less than dry friction. Fluid friction is the friction between an item and a fluid(liquid or gas). For example, lubrication works on the principle of fluid friction. During lubrication, a viscous liquid acts as a layer in between two slide surfaces and also reduces the friction in between them.

Quiz top top the components affecting friction

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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