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I have actually a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer 2wd v a 4.2l6 & 4L60-E transmission.It shows up the transmission has actually bit the dust and also was wonder if anyone knows what year and models have the right to be offered to replace it v without adjustments ???Thanks in advance,R.

The 2005 and up had an input speed sensor added that the older people did not have, therefore 05 and up should match. Make certain the trans you get has one or that won"t work in your vehicle.

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AND... If the supplied trans you acquire is junk, you space wasting her time and money. I recognize it"s expensive however you are much farther front to acquire the share trans rebuilt... Mark

AND... If the supplied trans you get is junk, you room wasting her time and money. I recognize it"s expensive yet you are lot farther ahead to get the stock trans rebuilt... Mark
If lock can discover someone to execute it right and also be honest...At my transmission shop I supplied to tell world who want a used one the they have a provided one in the now!
Car is in the shop currently …I opted for a rebuilt unit indigenous Chevrolet that to my amazement came through a 3 year warranty.Having a friend who is the components manager in ~ a neighborhood Chevrolet dealer who obtained it because that me at cost + 10% helped in the decision. "If they can discover someone to perform it right and also be honest..."… great point, and also well bring away Mike.Thanks come all the replied and also hopefully the information detailed will assist others v a comparable problem in the future.R.Birmingham Alabama
I now own one 08 Trailblazer ~ driving one 05 Trailblazer come death. I have a Jasper rebuilt ns bought for the 05 and also after 1000 mile the engine the 300K offered up the ghost. Therefore I had the Jasper take away out and also in the garage which i will market you. Call me in ~ 985-630-4663. Not far from you in Covington LA.

If they can uncover someone to carry out it right and be honest...At my transmission shop I used to tell civilization who want a provided one the they have actually a used one in that now!

Will a 05 Chevy trailblazer transmission job-related in a 02 Chevy being told it"s a 02 only.then had actually some human being say as much as 04 will certainly work
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