Eye Emergencies

Emergency eye care requires immediate skilled service. We consider any kind of sudden transforms in her eye health, such together flashes that light, vision loss, or foreign substances, an eye emergency. Please contact us immediately and our receptionist will arrange for you to receive prompt care.

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For an ext information top top what to do during an eye emergency please check out below:

What should I carry out if I gain an eye infection? What must I carry out if I get something in my eye?

If you doubt you have actually an eye infection or if you get something in your eye friend should call us best away. It is finest to visit Coventry Eye care Associates or Chariho Eye treatment Associates quite than go to an urgent treatment center since we will have actually the details tools and knowledge to ideal assess your eyes! If you acquire a foreign object in your eye it is specifically important to call our office immediately. Objects space much less complicated to remove and will require less healing time if they are gotten rid of promptly.

What if I gain a chemistry splashed in mine eye?

If you gain a chemistry (motor oil, brake fluid, cleaning product, nail polish remover) in her eye you must FLUSH the eye with water immediately and contact us. Your eye doctor may instruct girlfriend to continue flushing the eye prior to you begin travel come the office. This is since the longer a chemical sit on her eye, the more damage it deserve to do. In ~ Coventry Eye treatment Associates we always promote notice emergency care. By calling our office at the beginning of an eye emergency you will ensure suitable instruction and the continued health of your eyes.

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What if ns am a call lens wearer and also I think I have an eye infection?

If you are a call lens wearer and suspect you have actually an eye infection, you should remove your contacts! contact lens wear will certainly only further irritate your eye and may make an epidemic worse. Contact us immediately so your infection can be treated and you have the right to return to call lens wear.

What if I see flashes that light, floaters or have actually a sudden decrease in my vision?

Please click on the following video clip presentation for much more information regarding flashes, floaters and symptoms of retinal detachment:

Vitreous Floaters, Vitreous Detachment, Retinal Detachment