We’ve currently some freeze temperatures in the Finger Lakes…did you auto hand sanitizer freeze, too?

If the answer is “yes”, you must throw that away.

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It’s not because cold weather damages it…rather the it was more than likely no good in the an initial place, follow to Fox56.

Most hand sanitizers space alcohol-based…at the very least 60% alcohol or more…so they won’t freeze till the temperature gets really low…like minus 50 degrees!

So if it does freeze, it way there wasn’t sufficient alcohol in there to it is in effective and it’s time to gain a brand-new bottle.

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Sports betting ads: sector weighs exactly how much is also much?

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in ~ the SBC Summit north America, a significant international sporting activities betting conference being hosted this main in northern new Jersey, sector players space voicing issue about possible backlash lock fear can lead to harsh government restrictions on together advertising, favor what has actually happened in Europe.

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Baldwin: ‘Someone is responsible’ because that shooting, yet ‘not me’

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Alec Baldwin stated he feels tremendous sadness and regret over the shoot that killed a cinematographer ~ above a new Mexico film set, but not guilt.

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Second brother testifies Smollett paid for staged strike

A second man testified Thursday that Jussie Smollett plotted a racist and anti-gay strike on himself and also paid the man and also his brothers to lug it out, providing them lines come shout and pointing the end a security camera the previous "Empire" actor claimed would catch the hoax on video clip to usage for publicity.

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Celebs, fashion, 24k chicken wings kick of Miami’s art Basel

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after a pandemic hiatus, the main Art Basel show is earlier in Miami with all that eccentric glory, a dizzying perform of celebrity attendees and dozens the spin-off shows that are already generating a buzz, consisting of a phenom kid painter and also a $4 million Banksy sale.

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Lawyer backs up Baldwin’s delinquent he didn’t pull trigger

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The assistant director that handed Alec Baldwin a prop gun the went turn off on a new Mexico movie set, killing a cinematographer, backs increase the actor"s assertion that he did no pull the trigger.

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