Stella Artois introduces its new global brand campaign, developed by mommy in London, this week. The project is combined by art direction and also a heat tone, breathing brand-new life into the top Stella Artois brand. The Life Artois is provided to define a mindset, available at anytime and anywhere. It urges everyone to savour every pleasure life offer up, accompanied by the people who matter most.

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The campaign leans right into Stella Artois’ lengthy association v the arts and also film, through a strong artistic spirit at its core, making use of stunning style to invite the audience into this brand-new world. The layout draws ~ above Stella Artois’ rich European history, inspired by classic European location advertising from travel’s glamorous past. That harks back to uncomplicated times, in a means that feeling modern, fresh and also inviting.

Tim Ovadia, an international VP the Stella Artois commented: “We desire to save our mantra of ‘art not advertising’ and also give our audience visually stunning occupational they can enjoy, fairly than just interrupting. The article behind the visual highlights success just really way something if you take the time to reap it through the civilization who matter most - a attitude we’ve called ‘The Life Artois’ - reminding people to slow-moving down, reap the moment and focus top top the meaningful connections.”

Designed to be flexible, The Life Artois line urges adaptations which allow for storytelling and also nuance. Because that example, v the world beginning to arise from lockdown, one of the early stage iterations brings with each other Again in the Life Artois to significant markets, whilst other executions incorporate The human being can wait in The Life Artois, rush hour in The Life Artois and 600 year of love in The Life Artois.

Hermeti Balarin, companion at mom London: “Having a an excellent beer with friends and also loved ones is among those basic pleasures us missed the most throughout lockdown. As our lives start to go back to normal, we want to remind world to slow-moving down and also enjoy what really matters. Pour you yourself a chalice and also enjoy The Life Artois.”

The Life Artois elevates the everyday, and also makes Stella Artois moments appropriate to audiences worldwide, with a truly global brand idea executed throughout a wide variety or audience-centric touchpoints:

Street art by world-renowned Studio Number One premieres at The Truman Brewery in London, and shortly later on at licensed premises throughout the UK. It intends to remind and encourage social distance whilst in pubs and also bars. Using geometric patterns and also bold, contrasting colours and assist people reunite safely with friends and loved ones. Shepard Fairey, creative director and co-founder the Studio Number One, commented: “With galleries and also exhibitions closing their doors during lockdown, world have been unable to experience and appreciate art in the normal ways. Mine team collaborated v Stella Artois to create socially-distanced arts to it is in publicly accessible, but also to facilitate security as world reunite. I have actually a background at the Truman Brewery, so ns excited that this debuts there.”

Hero TV and cinema film, entitled musical Notes, command by Stephen McNally through Blinkink, offers the signature stylised computer animation to showcase The Life Artois. Music Notes, is paired v an instrumental version that La Vie En Rose, sonically welcoming the audience into the an imaginative idea.

OOH in both static and animated formats, mirrors glamour and also sophistication that The Live Artois. Positioned in iconic, high-impact locations, the an imaginative compliments and comments top top the locale - whilst at the very same time giving welcome distraction native the daily humdrum. Being part street art, component advertising.

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For social, in-feed politely interrupts, to accumulate the audience v content pass Stella Artois product services to life in quick snippets, every told with The Life Artois signature style and also tone framework.