Elvis Presley died on Aug. 16, 1977. According to medical professionals at the time, a heart attack was the cause. His fatality was felt about the world and his funeral in ~ Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee to be a spectacle to behold.

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Elvis Presley | Bettmann, Getty Images

The pan reaction to Elvis Presley’s death

In the days following Presley’s death, hundreds of fans gathered in Memphis to mourn and also celebrate the life the The King. So many human being gathered that President Carter ordered 300 national Guard troops to save things orderly, according to Live About. Flags about the city were lowered come half-staff.

Presley to be embalmed at the Memphis Funeral Home. On Aug. 17, the work after his death, his human body was returned to Graceland and presented to the public in a grand viewing that the casket, per Presley’s father’s request. Over 3,000 fans to be welcomed right into Graceland come gaze ~ above The King for the last time.

The funeral and Elvis Presley’s favorite hymn

Presley’s funeral took ar on Aug. 18 indigenous 2:00 come 4:00 afternoon in the Graceland living room. Wooddale Church of Christ minister C.S. Bradley led the sermon. Such stars as James Brown, George Hamilton, and his “Viva las Vegas” co-star Ann-Margret were in attendance. Comedian Jackie Kahane, who regularly opened for Presley’s shows, additionally spoke.

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Music was, that course, one integral component of Presley’s service. Performers that had functioned with The King v the years, the Statesmen, Kathy Westmoreland, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, sang and played some of Presley’s favorite hymns. An especially featured to be “Heavenly Father.”

Later, The King’s body was transferred to the forest Hill Cemetery. He was laid to rest beside his mother, Gladys Love. Around 80,000 people came to watch. The roadways were filled with Presley’s adoring fans, countless of whom were carrying indications expressing your love because that The King.

The aftermath

Following Presley’s death, his last record, “Way Down,” topped the charts in both America and also the uk for weeks.

Way down whereby the music playsWay down choose a tidal waveWay down wherein the fires blazeWay down, down

“Way Down,” Elvis Presley

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Later in the month, who tried to steal Presley’s body, after which, both Presley and also his mom were moved to the Meditation Garden in ~ Graceland top top Oct. 2, 1977. They space still situated there today.