Could who recommend great storage containers for flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc. ? one of two people stainless stole or food-grade plastic.

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I don"t desire a canister "set" because I don"t desire the smaller sized containers that normally come with these. I"ve looked online, yet it is difficult to tell how much a container holds in regards to pounds of flour, sugar, etc. 


Thanks in advance.


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camsquares fit far better on the shelf. The smallest is two quarts, though, i beg your pardon is too big for some thing.s

camsquares fit much better on the shelf. Smallest is 2 quarts, though, i beg your pardon is too huge for part thing.s

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4 quarts is just a small to small, 6 quarts is a tiny too big. So 6 quarts is more than likely the right one. 

I have actually been utilizing Cambro containers since I was catering in the 1980s and also I still have actually some that the an initial ones i purchased at smart & last in Canoga Park once I still lived in the Valley.

I have every size from 1-quart come 22 quarts.

A 10- lb bag will fit in the 8-quart container - you need to shake it under a little bit to fit the last little in.

I agree that the 6-quart dimension is best for a 5-pound bag.

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I"m through asthasr and also andiesenji. I do have other containers yet I favor my Cambro containers the best. Ns bought part 6 qt Rubbermaid containers for the restaurant supply area that SamsClub however don"t treatment for them.


For coarser things prefer barley and also beans I usage a better Home and Gardens riff top top the seal-top OXO acrylic containers. Rather of a button they have a toggle that is much easier to grip once in the "open" position.

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For me, ring for points that will be refrigerated, square because that stuff top top the shelf. Round enables for much more airflow as far as I have the right to tell. If I"m wrong I can accept that.

I prefer attractive, which usually means round, together due to space and access issues most of the baking stuff ends up visible on one open shelf. (I save cabinet room for stuff in packages due to the fact that they tend to make the room look much more cluttered if they are visible.) If I can find nice looking and robust square the seals easily and well, I"d go for that.