My 2 younger dd have just received build a bear one indigenous a party she walk to and the other it was she bday and she got it this particular day . Been looking top top ebay for clothes and they space soooo expensive, simply wondered if anyone knew of any type of cheaper persons or had seen any type of on sale everywhere i cannot sew together i would have actually a walk myself .Thanks in advance

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Argos do a range of style a bears and also those garments fit build a bears too (mine have both and swap the apparel round all the time!) but are much cheaper than construct a bear clothes, and are regularly in the sales!



depending top top the size of the bear, poundland do some, but they may be small. Otherwise dolls clothes! My child was small (3lb) as soon as born, for this reason his old baby apparel fit his bear. Maybe prem baby apparel off ebay!?
Thanks will certainly look in argos and so on ,,, both mine dd to be prem 3.12 and also 4.4 so ns know about tiny apparel lol yet didnt think to look ~ above ebay for prem ones will def have a look many thanks to every so much xx
hi perform u have any newborn clothing or premerture garments my daughters all whereby the clothing she did when she was born they all her babys
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Thanks i simply went ~ above argos and reserved a couple of bits the were real cheap , gained the rainy day outfit v wellys because that 5.99 fifty percent price, the angel outfit 3.99 indigenous 9.99 and also hat and scarf collection for 1.99.. Bargains the the youngest bday in 3 weeks therefore will store them for the and try prem clothes for now so she can bring on playing
just uncovered this site web page 3 Teddy bear Clothingits must be lookalike kind bears but clothes do look bit cheaper actually, believed would post it in situation anyone else looking

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Teddy be afflicted with clothes, build a bear size hats. Shows how to make hats from old sweaters. You can make mini hats because that Easter egg too! This link shows you exactly how to.Build a be affected by each other fit teddy Bear clothes for 14-16" teddies: develop a bear fit Hats Teddy Bear garments from Old Sweaters
This idea would also suit dolls too! baby Born, infant Annabell and also Cabbage job DollsEven the smallest sweater can be recycled into a teddy be affected by each other or dolls hat.Hope you gain this project.There are other companies that market teddy bear apparel to fit build a be afflicted with teddies or comparable 15 in. Bears. Check out the sale items at build Your bears wardrobe website, bargains to it is in had! Outfits for just £4.99 great for college friends date of birth gifts.