Have you ever had a minute when you placed food right into the microwave and also the microwave ran because that a couple of seconds and then stopped and then girlfriend tried the microwave again and it quit again? Now, you are wondering what’s walking on here? So, you go the end to the garage and also look in ~ the circuit breaker and also realize that the breaker has actually tripped. The microwave and the circuit space no much longer working together as result of some electrical malfunction.

There is a clear concern with the microwave and also the circuit breaker. So, you require to examine the circuit breaker box to determine if the breaker is the correct amps/volts for her microwave. What is the breaker size for a microwave? Well, the breaker size deserve to vary based upon the form of microwave. Smaller microwaves require a smaller sized circuit breaker and also could simply be plugged right into a continuous outlet. However, microwaves above your oven typically require a 20 amp/240-volt circuit breaker.

Let’s take a look at the sport of breaker sizes because that a microwave. Keep in mind, that hiring a experienced electrician can be the finest solution.

What Is The duty Of The Breaker

The main duty of your breaker is to pilgrimage the electrical existing when problems might arise. If there is a breakdown or a brief in the wiring device of the microwave, it will tell the breaker to trip and also cut turn off all electrical currents. This will permit you to recognize that an worry is present with the microwave or the breaker, and also also, prevent a fire from arising in the home.


Why does A Microwave need A details Circuit

There is a an easy answer regarding why a microwave would call for a certain circuit. The 20-amp circuit is finest for the microwave due to the consistent load and also spike worries that a microwave experiences. Once a microwave is used under its maximum load, it can generate approximately 15 amps of current for hours.

This consistent level the amps consumption could create unsafe levels of heat and temperatures that will strain the wiring beyond safe levels. If you have actually a 15-amp breaker circuit climate this spike in power use would cause the breaker come trip and saving your house from having an regrettably accident.

How lot Will This cost Me

Replacing a bad circuit breaker is fairly simple and also cheap. The an excellent thing is that it might cost between $9.50 come $11.50 depending upon what hardware store you shop at. Understanding exactly how to install a new circuit breaker will conserve you money. If you are not someone the likes to attend to electricity, climate calling in a experienced electrician is a great idea.

Here is what you will certainly need:

Let’s take a look at the video clip below, which reflects us exactly how to install a 20 amp circuit breaker.

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Other maintenance Ideas

Circuit breakers regulate everything ~ above the circuit within the electric panel in the house. Native appliances come lamps, to irradiate fixtures, etc. However, similar to with anything, circuit breakers deserve to go bad. If friend can catch this early, it might not it is in so expensive. 

Another area of maintain that girlfriend will desire to take it a look in ~ is the GFCI outlet that the microwave plugs into. Having actually a secondary backup to tripping the breaker and keeping the electrical present broken, could save your house from unnecessary fire damage.

Lastly, making sure that your metal box is grounded is important. This is because it sends electrical energy through the ground to the breaker crate that is likewise grounded. If it is not grounded and there is a strength surge, it have the right to send the electrical power wherever it desires to go and cause electrocution.

When should I contact A Professional

It is constantly a great idea to call a experienced when managing electrical work. If friend aren’t sure how to shut turn off your strength or isolation the power to the area that repair, then it’s ideal to contact a licensed electrician. Castle will be able to work more quickly than you due to the fact that they have the experience and knowledge.


When managing electrical projects, you should constantly consult a licensed electrician in her area. If friend aren’t sure exactly what is essential for her microwave installation, climate you can constantly reach the end to us.

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