I recognize this is no absolute value, so what perform the clip mean? If that was pure value, the would have actually lines so i can ascendancy that out.

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And i guess I need to mention, the question I to be asked is "Enter the opposite of this number in the box." So, that"s the context.




This means negative, an adverse $6$. As you probably know an adverse times negative is positive, so this is just the worth $6$ (positive six). The reason for the parenthesis is the the convention is the we perform not have actually multiple operation indications in a row, e.g. Indications like "$+$","$-$", and "$\times$". In a way you can say the every two negatives "cancel out", so

$$\requirecancel-(-6) = \cancel-(\cancel-6) = \fbox6.$$

Now to answer the included question on what the "opposite number" is, I"m assuming the it is supposed "the an adverse of the number." The concern then is "What is the an unfavorable of $-(-6)$"? since we have already resolved that $-(-6) = 6$, this question is the very same as "What is the an adverse of $6$?", which is simply $-6$.


I think a lot counts on context.

If by $-6$ you room referring come the additive inverse of $6$ climate $-(-6)$ is the additive inverse of the additive inverse of $6$

$4-(-6)$ but is slightly different. Right here the an initial $-$ method subtract defined as adding the additive inverse. Come be an exact $4+-(-6)$ wherein the first $-$ currently refers come the additive inverse.

There might be other contexts I"m unaware of.Hope that helps.


Remember that a negative number times a an adverse number is negative.

If you check out $-(x)$ that"s a short means of composing $(-1) \times x$, the is, "minus one" or "negative one" multiply by $x$. In this certain case we have actually $x = -6$, so climate $(-1) \times (-6) = 6$.

The bracket in this instance are for clarity: compare $--6$. Without the proper typesetting, that have the right to look prefer one an extremely long dash, rather of two minus signs. (In other cases, clip override operator precedence, plus they also have other rememberingsomer.comematical provides that room not relevant to your inquiry here--as because that "minus one" versus "negative one", that"s another can that worms altogether).


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