Here, $phi_0=2.14,eV$ $upsilon_0=fracphi_0h=frac2.14 imes1.6 imes10^-196.63 imes10^-34$ $=5.16 imes10^14,Hz$

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1. A silver sphere of radius $1, cm$ and also work role $4.7 ,eV$ is suspended from an insulating object in free-space. It is under constant illumination the $200 ,nm$ wavelength light. Together photoelectrons room emitted, the round gets charged and also acquires a potential. The maximum number of photoelectrons emitted native the sphere is $A imes 10^z$ (where $1

3. Light of frequency $7.21 imes 10^14, Hz$ is occurrence on a metal surface. Electrons through a maximum speed of $6 imes 10^5, m ,s^-1$ space ejected indigenous the surface. The threshold frequency because that photoemission of electron is (Given $h=6.63 imes 10^-34,J,s$, $m_e=9.1 imes10^-31,kg)$

4. The minimum power required because that the electron emissions from the steel surface have the right to be offered to the free electrons whereby of the adhering to physical processes?

7. A proton is fired from an extremely far away towards a nucleus through charge $Q = 120e$, whereby $e$ is the electronic charge. It provides a closest approach of $10,fm$ to the nucleus. The de Broglie wavelength (in units of fm) that the proton at its begin is (Take the proton mass, $m_p=(frac53) imes10^-27,kg$, $frache=4.2 imes10^-15J, s/c$, $frac14pivarepsilon_0=9 imes10^9, m/F$, $1,fm=10^-15,m)$

8. A metal surface ejects electrons as soon as hit by eco-friendly light but none when hit by yellow light. The electrons will certainly be ejected as soon as the surface is fight by

9. Because that a specific metal, event frequency $upsilon$ is five times that threshold frequency $upsilon_0$ and the maximum velocity ofcoming the end photoelectrons is $8 imes10^6m,s^-1$ If $upsilon=2upsilon_0$ , the preferably velocity that photoelectrons will certainly be

1. The phase difference in between displacement and also acceleration of a bit in a basic harmonic movement is:

2. A cylinder contains hydrogen gas at push of 249 kPa and temperature $27^circ,C$. Its density is :$(R = 8.3,J,mol^-1K^-1$)

6. 2 cylinders A and also B that equal capacity are associated to each other via a protect against clock. A contains an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure. B is fully evacuated. The whole system is thermally insulated. The stop cock is all of sudden opened. The process is:

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7. A screw gauge has least count of 0.01 mm and also there are 50 divisions in its circular scale. The key of the screw gauge is: