“The Amigo Brothers,” composed by Piri Thomas, is a story around a one-of-a-kind friendship in between two boys. Antonio and also Felix, two seventeen year old boys, have actually grown increase together and also are an extremely close to one another. Castle do nearly everything together. They both dream of a future in i beg your pardon they will be the lightweight champions of the world, and together they aid each other train regularly. Then a time comes once their friendship is threatened because for the very first time ever, they need to compete against one another in a match.

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In the end, however, their relationship survives because both boys worth their friendship over their ambitions. V the words, thoughts, and also actions the Antonio and Felix, the writer expresses the template that friendship is more important than competition. Native the start of the story, the boys have actually a conversation that reveals the importance of your friendship. Someday while they are training because that the upcoming struggle they will certainly be having versus one another, the boys avoid eye call with one other. Felix division the ice cream by saying, “I think us both obtained something come say to every other.”

As castle talk, they both admit that they have actually been having trouble sleeping at night because they room concerned about hurting one another. Their problems show that their connection is vital to them. If the weren’t, the upcoming fight would not sweet on their minds. Instead, their emphasis would just be on preparing for the struggle in wishes of winning. The author clearly uses the boys’ words come exemplify the prestige of friendship. ~ talking, the guys decide not to watch each various other till the day of the fight, yet neither have the right to stop thinking about the other because each is worried about their friendship.

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The narrator says that “Both fighters had actually a most psyching approximately do before the big fight. ” This statement reflects that the boys’ friendship is so powerful that in order come fight one another, they should block out their feelings. On the evening prior to the fight, Antonio can’t stop thinking about how that does not desire to hurt Felix. He tries to tell himself the “friendship has nothing to do with it,” but “a gnawing doubt in. ” he prays that the knock-out will happen in the first round thus, avoiding the must continually punch and also hurt Felix.

Felix, too, tries come block the end his thoughts and feelings about Antonio, but while the is sit in a movie theater, his thoughts room so lot with Antonio that he keeps imagining Antonio’s face on the movie display while he, Felix, is punching that out. Both boys are unable to protect against thinking around protecting the other since their partnership is so essential to them. Here, again Piri supplies the guys to testify to the value of friendship. Finally, the story’s template is relayed through the final actions that the boys. During the fight, both are focused on to win the match.

Each assaults the other with complete force. The fight i do not care so violent the the referee has to pull lock apart. ~ cold water is poured ~ above both that them, they begin to come earlier to reality. When they establish what has actually happened to them, they rush towards each other and hug. Afterwards, the bell ring to notice the winner of the fight, but when the announcer looks roughly to determine the victor, no one is there. The boys leave the ring “arm in arm. ” The factor they leaving is the they realize the winning is no what is most important to them.

What they yes, really care around is your friendship. Piri finalizes his template through the ultimate actions that the boys. In conclusion, the boys’ an option to leaving the boxing arena sums increase the author’s allude of view around friendship. Transparent the story, their stress and concern for their connection is revealed through the conversations they have with every other, your thoughts that haunt them prior to the fight, and also the an option they do at the finish of the fight. By the closing of the story, there is no concern that the author’s design template is about the importance of friendship.


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What is the story Amigo brothers about?

Amigo brother recounts come the tale of Antonio Cruz and also Felix Vargas, young the next companions that live and also inhale the game of boxing. They train with each other at whatever point they can and also share an all encompassing info on the game and also its stars.

Amigo siblings is a brief story through Piri Thomas. That was spread in 1978 as a major aspect of stories from El Barrio, Thomas" quick story assortment for youthful grown-ups. "Amigo Siblings" complies with two the next companions native a poor brand-new York City ar as they acquire ready to compete with one an additional in their typical energy: boxing.

Companionship subject The title, Amigo Siblings, mirrors how far-reaching kinship is in the book. "Amigo" signifies "companion" in Spanish, and also Antonio and Felix pay attention to their fellowship very, regardless of the truth that the two young men are entirely different. Boxing has consistently to be a route for the two young males to connect.

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The major or the focal length clash of the story Amigo brother is the Antonio and Felix need to battle against one an additional in a bout.


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