Conformity vs. IndividualityStargirl is about the conflict between conformity and also individuality, around what happens when an utterly unique, couldn’t-care-less-what-others-think personality enters a close-minded, insular environment. Leo, the novel’s narrator, acknowledges native the beginning that his high college is no a bastion of individuality. Not just do students monitor the...

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Conformity vs. Individuality Stargirl is around the conflict between conformity and individuality, around what happens once an completely unique, couldn’t-care-less-what-others-think character enters a close-minded, insular environment. Leo, the novel’s narrator, acknowledges indigenous the beginning that his high college is not a bastion the individuality. Not only do students follow the rigidly prescribed fads in clothing, food, music, and also more, yet the many popular kids are idolized precisely since they space not unique—they do nothing “special.” quite than emotion stifled in this environment, Leo appreciates it: that knows precisely how come act, and as long as he sticks to “normal” behavior, that is guaranteed acceptance in the high institution community.

The come of Stargirl Caraway bring upheaval come Leo’s life—and to the whole school. At first, the students regard her through curiosity and also distrust, some also refusing to think her actions to it is in genuine. Hillari, the most popular girl in school, insists the Stargirl is an actress planted by the school administration to stir things up and get students more involved. And, that course, no student is ready to risk his or her place in the school ar by actually communicating with Stargirl—her having lunch table remains empty.

However, what makes Stargirl even much more unusual is that also after the various other students’ disapproval becomes clear, she refuses to change her behavior. To the astonishment that everyone roughly her, Stargirl in reality does no care around being preferred or accepted by the bigger group. In ~ the same time, Stargirl walk care an extremely much for other people: she offers presents come the whole school top top holidays, sings the “Happy Birthday” track to student on your birthdays, and also leaves congratulatory notes and gifts for people she does not even know.

Eventually, Stargirl’s kindness and also enthusiasm because that life start to pass through the conformist community, and at first, the changes show up to be positive. As soon as Stargirl becomes a cheerleader, she awakens school spirit at formerly poorly attended sports games, and also for the an initial time ever, the college basketball team finds itself ~ above a win streak. Students join school clubs, try out because that the school play, dare to refer their very own individuality—and they begin to accept and even befriend Stargirl.

Unfortunately, Stargirl’s popular lasts only briefly. Students start to resent Stargirl for the same top quality that attractive them to she in the an initial place—her huge, open heart. Student cannot recognize why Stargirl cheers because that the the contrary team at basketball games, why she attends funerals for human being she does not know, and, especially, why she operation to lull an hurt basketball player indigenous the the opposite team. To the conformists, Stargirl’s behavior appears to be betraying the bigger “group,” and they blame her once the basketball team begins losing again. Stargirl, on the various other hand, sees people as people all worthy that love, rather than “groups” pitted versus each other, and cannot understand the animosity directed towards her.

The students’ distrust of Stargirl reaches a head at the Hot Seat taping, once students have a opportunity to challenge Stargirl directly. Their strike reveals one of the main ideas that the novel—that groups of civilization find nonconformists threatening because the team feels attacked, judged, and also rejected; the conformists think the separation, personal, instance is directly daunting their behavior and values. One college student tells Stargirl, “you don’t favor us, perform you?” while one more asks if there’s something wrong v the group, that she’s “gotta it is in so different.”

In the second fifty percent of the novel, Stargirl begins to pursue Leo directly, and another object quandary is raised: what happens when a previous conformist, a member of the “group,” starts to associate v a nonconformist favor Stargirl? once Leo is alone v Stargirl, he find himself opening up, finding out to reap life, flourishing as an individual; however, he can not let go of the reality that in front of the “group” at school, that is currently shunned together with Stargirl. For a short time, Leo also convinces Stargirl to act and also dress “normally,” but the effort is a disaster: Stargirl constantly has to ask Leo what “normal” habits would be, she i do not care unhappy, and yet quiet she is rubbish by the school. Eventually, Stargirl provides up and also goes earlier to her genuine self, telling Leo she will know if the does not want her anymore.

at this point, Leo realizes Stargirl will never ever truly be welcomed by the school. He knows he must stick through Stargirl, display her and the civilization he appreciates her and also that the is no afraid to it is in different, however he cannot discover the courage. In the end, Leo choose the group over Stargirl, staying clear of her and also choosing no to ask she to the college dance. And also after the dance, Stargirl disappears, never ever to be watched by Leo or any kind of of his classmates again. With this turn of events, the writer implies that someone together unique, together utterly and unapologetically individual together Stargirl, deserve to never uncover a permanent ar in a conformist society.

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The novel ends with an older Leo reflecting back, wishing he had acted differently, and hoping he will certainly get another chance through Stargirl. However, in spite of his regrets, Leo quiet acknowledges the result Stargirl had on him. In their short time together, Stargirl taught him to watch the civilization differently, to really endure things, to ask questions, and to embrace life. Thus, the author ends the novel v a celebration event of the nonconformist’s power to open up our world—and the hope that readers will not squander their opportunities with potential Stargirls the method Leo did.