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Click here to see ALL difficulties on Expressions-with-variablesQuestion 100844: The sum of two numbers is 17. The 2nd number is 2 more than twice the an initial number. Uncover the two numbers. Found 2 options by doukungfoo, bucky:Answer through doukungfoo(195)
(Show Source): You deserve to put this equipment on your website! Lets call the an initial number xnow specify the second number in terms of xGiven: The 2nd number is two more than double the first2x+2Given: the sum of 2 numbers is 17write an equation(x)+(2x+2)=17solve for xx+2x+2=173x+2=173x=15x=5Answer: an initial number is 5solve for 2nd number2x+2=second number2(5)+2=second number10+2=12Answer: 2nd number is 12check12+5=17 price by bucky(2189)
(Show Source): You have the right to put this solution on her website! The problem asks girlfriend to find two unknown numbers. So let"s start by calling one number x andthe other number y..The trouble tells you the if you include the 2 numbers, the amount is 17. In equation kind thiscan be composed as:.x + y = 17 .The problem then tells you that the second number (call it y) is 2 much more than twice the othernumber. That method it equals 2 an ext than 2x. For this reason in equation kind you have the right to write:.y = 2x + 2 .Return to equation 1. If girlfriend subtract x from both sides of this equation you change thatequation come y = 17 - x. Since we now understand that y amounts to 17 - x we can replace y by 17 - xin equation 2 to get:.17 - x = 2x + 2.Let"s collect the x terms on the left side of this equation and also the number on the ideal side of the equation. Start by gaining rid the the 17 ~ above the left side by subtracting 17 indigenous both political parties to get:.-x = 2x -15.Then eliminate the 2x on the appropriate side by subtracting 2x indigenous both political parties to get:.-3x = -15.Now you deserve to solve because that x by separating both political parties of this equation by -3. As soon as you do thatdivision the result is:.x = -15/-3 = 5.So among the numbers is 5. And also since the two numbers complete 17, the various other number must be 17 - 5 = 12. .As a rapid check, girlfriend can double the smaller number and include 2. In various other words, 2 time 5equals 10 and add 2 to acquire 12.

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That equates to the 2nd number, therefore our price is correct..The two numbers you to be asked to find are 5 and 12..Hope this helps you to recognize the problem..