If you’ve to be a pan of Skillet within the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard their track Lucy from their album Awake. The song is extremely emotional, and it appears that it immediately resonates with many, many people (I know that it sure did because that me.) in ~ previous concerts, and interviews, john Cooper (who is the command singer and bassist of Skillet, and also the writer of this song) decreased to detail what the track was about.

He said that the was about regret, and that civilization have adopted it for themselves, and also he didn’t want to destroy it because that them through the actual story. However, during Skillet’s recent tour, he has told the story the Lucy before singing it. Here is what he claimed at their sold-out double-headliner display with TobyMac in ~ the Target facility on November 13, 2010..

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“..this mainly is the very very first time the I’ve ever told what this song is about, because, uh, it’s an extremely special come me, but I feel choose it’s time come talk around it a tiny bit, so.. Hear up while i tell girlfriend a story around a young girl and also a young male who uncovered themselves in a difficult situation. They didn’t recognize what to do once they found out the she to be pregnant; they to be young, lock didn’t have any kind of money, they to be scared, they didn’t desire to call anybody, they didn’t recognize what to do, and the just option that they might see was to terminate the pregnancy. So that’s what they decided to do… they visited a clinic, they had actually the procedure done, and at very first they feeling relieved the all their troubles had unable to do away. Yet then something taken place that lock did not expect… and also that’s over the next couple of weeks, i m sorry turned into a couple of months, they started to feeling an intense sadness… and also a pain and also an agony and also a guilt that wouldn’t walk away. They didn’t recognize what to do, so they ultimately went to view a counselor; they claimed look — tell us what come do, we simply don’t know, and the counselor do a suggestion. The counselor claimed here’s what you must do — prevent acting favor you had a procedure, and also act favor you had a fatality in the family. For this reason the pair went home and also they made 3 decisions; number one, they made decision to have a funeral business for the baby; number two, castle bought a tiny little headstone; and also they critical decision to make was what to surname the baby. After a pair weeks they finally made decision they would speak to her… Lucy.”

John L. Cooper in concert, November 13, 2010; spelling, orthography by Nate Carlson, rememberingsomer.com

Many people had their theories about what the track was about.. My wife was right, ns was wrong. “Lucy” is about the ache that have the right to follow one abortion.. It’s type of ironic to me, together “Lucy” is among the songs that I frequently sing come Kai once he is yes, really upset, and also it yes, really helps patience him down..

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So Lucy, whoever girlfriend were, friend live on in the mind of her parents and also in all the human being your song has helped, and as the song says, you’ll one day meet your parents again:

Here we are, now you’re in mine armsHere we space for a brand new startGot come live v the choices I’ve madeAnd i can’t live v myself today

Me and also Lucy walking hand in handMe and also Lucy never wanna endGot come live with the options I’ve madeAnd i can’t live through myself today

— lyrics from “Lucy” by john L. Cooper, as performed by Skillet