Start with a suggest C, and collect all of the point out a solved distance r devices away native it. Give this repertoire of clues a name: circle. Ns have attracted a one in number 17.1. The starting point is referred to as the facility of the circle. Any type of line segment having the facility of the circle as one endpoint and also any suggest on the circle as the various other endpoint is called a radius that the circle. Since all points on the circle room a distance of r devices away native the center, all radii that a circle are congruent. This will be proclaimed as a theorem, despite the proof would certainly take no much more than a line or two, through the reasons being either ?given? or ?definition that a circle.?


Figure 17.1A one with facility C and also radius AC.

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Solid truth

A circle is the set of every points in a aircraft that are a addressed distance from a offered point.

The center that the circle is the point equidistant from every points on the circle.

A radius that a one is a heat segment v one endpoint being the facility of the circle, the other endpoint gift a suggest on the circle.

Don"t border yourself come only drawing radii the circles. Circles get really amazing when you attach points top top a circle. A line segment that joins 2 points on the one is referred to as a chord that the circle. A diameter of a one is a chord that has the facility of the circle. The size of a diameter that a one is twice the size of the radius the a circle. This can be proven by using the Segment addition Postulate (Postulate 3.5).

If you have three point out on a circle, girlfriend can attach them to kind an enrolled angle. An inscribed angle of a circle is one angle whose vertex is a allude on the circle and also whose sides space chords of the circle. Friend can also construct inscribed polygon by utilizing points top top the circle together the vertices.

Two circles that coincide space congruent. In bespeak for 2 circles to it is in congruent, the lengths of the radii must be congruent. If two circles have the same facility they are dubbed concentric circles.

There room times once you will should measure the distance approximately the circle. When you walk this v polygons, the was dubbed the perimeter. Through circles, it will be dubbed the one of the circle.

Solid truth

A chord is a heat segment that joins 2 points top top a circle.

A diameter that a circle is a chord that contains the center of the circle.

An inscribed angle of a circle is one angle whose vertex is a suggest on the circle and whose sides space chords the the circle.

An inscribed polygon of a one is a polygon whose vertices are points ~ above the circle and also whose sides space chords of the circle.

Congruent circles are circles that have actually congruent radii.

Concentric circles space circles that have actually the same center.

The circumference of a circle is the direct measure that the distance about the circle.

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