The main goal of technical advancement have to be to increase people"s effectiveness so that they have more recreation time.

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Write a solution in which you talk about the degree to which friend agree or disagree through the statement and also explain your thinking for the position you take. In developing and also supporting her position, you should take into consideration ways in i m sorry the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.


Technological breakthroughs exist in this world, in bespeak to ease our job-related and assist us in every our endeavors. Yet this walk not suggest that, the sole aim the techological development is come ensure recreation time because that people. Because, in today's vain world, world hardly discover any recreation time related to as 'leisure' for enjoyment; because, they get caught up in some occupational or the other, no one yes, really enjoys leisure time. Thus, technical development acts as a substitute because that our potential, rather than boosting our pundit potential.

First the all, technical devices prevents us from doing monotonous work. Because that instance, in today's modernized world, a day without washing machines, mixies and also wet grinders will certainly not be even thinkable for women. This is because, these gadgets have gone a lengthy way, in aiding the household women's day-to-day work. Together a result, women tend to concentration in their experienced work or spend more time through their wards. Definitely, they execute not remain idle acquiring ample amount of recreation time. Had actually there been no such devices, then women will not find any type of time to do their own an individual work. Thus, technical advancements averts united state from doing useless work and converges our fist in performing valuable work.

Additionally, people's effectiveness is not enhanced by the technological advancements. Instead, they somehow decrease people's potential and also their cogitative abilities. Consequently, the concept of 'thinking the end of the box' is totally forgotten in the procedure of using technical devices. Because that instance, today's youngsters tend to usage calculators, even when encountered with a small calculation. In work of yore, world were may be to perform mind calculations and it assisted a lot of in their experienced life. However today's children lack this capacity and therefore the scientific machine - calculator - has marred their actuarial ability. Also, the trend of letter-writing has virtually been fully eroded v the development of e-mails. This advancement, instead of enhancing our composing skills, has indeed unable to do a long way to mitigate our craving for vocabulary and the arts of composing structured sentences. Because, plenty of e-mail editors have spell examine features, civilization rarely offer importance come spellings and also the words lock use. Therefore, technical advancements have actually marred our an abilities to an extent.

Furthermore, world do not always get recreation time, to pursue their hobbies. Indeed, 'hobby' is a word, which has virtually lost significance, in today's compete world. Because everyone room money-minded, they have actually urge to reach the pinnacle that success, in the shortest time possible. Hence, people shot arduously, to make as much money as possible. Therefore, they perform not even spare the recreation time. Scientists everywhere the human being compete v each other, to do people's live still an ext easier. This zeal for inventing brand-new things will certainly go on and also on, because there is no limit to which people can be comforted. The standing instance for this fact, is the of robotics i beg your pardon is see a large leap in regards to development, every year. Even, there has developed a new field, with which we can acquire things done, also when we room thinking of lock - such a promising ar is 'ubiquitous computing' which is quiet in its incipient stages. Top top the whole, technical developments carry out not stop us and also make us relax in the luxuries they provide; rather they goad us, to make use of the obtainable time as lot as possible.

Some may argue that technical developments, boost people's efficiency. However, no an equipment can equal man's knowledge and also "machines space man's slaves; not his masters". Therefore, only the machines need to come closer to the efficiency level of man. Also, the recreation time, provided by the advancements is only superficial. In reality, world get come do alternative work, which will make your life beneficial.

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Thus, technical advancements avoids us from doing tedious work and also eases our lives. They urge us to uncover still much more exciting inventions. But, castle do influence the an innovative skills of world and impact their thinking ability. However, technology has multiple goals to satisfy, rather than primarily increasing people's effectiveness or providing leisure time. Together time goes on, the civilization will witness new inventions; over there is absolutely no limit to which, the potential of humans can be used to invent brand-new devices. Therefore, technical advancements will proceed to keep human being busy, inspite of castle easing the people's lives.