was wonder if everyone is acquainted with the exercise of acquisition a breaker"s temperature with a infrared thermometer.a house inspector told me the if the temp is over 104, climate it need to be replaced. I have never heard of this. Many thanks for any kind of advice


"a residence inspector said me that if the temp is over 104"

Just an additional case the a H-I not having a clue around what that is talking about.

Most breakers room rated
75°c. This is 167°f.A breaker the is 110°f and also even hotter is just a sign of a heavily loaded breaker. Ns would inspect the connections and also the fill long before I"d just throw a new breaker in.Most regularly the breaker is no the problem, yet folks throw brand-new parts in ~ a problem until it goes away. The thought is that transforming the breaker is the "easy" way out.

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Why don"t you just ask to check out something in writing, something official and also not released by the H-I nutcase journal, that claims what the inspector called you. Together Petey sharp out, this is fine within the normal operating temperature the the breaker.

By the way, what space your alternatives when the exterior temperature is, oh, to speak 105-110 degrees like the has been in the southwest lately? everyday panel changes? Idiots.....


... This is fine within the common operating temperature ...

Unless the home inspector"s infrared thermometer is analysis in celsius.

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"Unless the residence inspector"s infrared thermometer is analysis in celsius."

104C wold climate be method to high.Other problems (like that breaker and the ones roughly it not remaining closed) would certainly be conveniently apparent.

Some HI gained a brand-new toy and also is trying come look much more "scientific".

Breakers dissipate power as part of the thermal portion of thermal-magnetic, despite in the actual machine the magnetic coil is often also the power dissipative element.


thanks for your help. Ns spoke with the inspector and he says that underwriters laboratories (UL 489) says that normal operating temperature that a breaker should be 40c or 104f.apparently this inspector feel that any type of temp over that shows a bad breaker. Won"t be asking any more advice native this guy

I have one of those things, IR non call laser guided warmth gun... Anyhow mine 200a/mb ite dashboard cover is off, so out of curiosity I started shooting ... Whatever was within 1 degree F,,, around one degree above the wall surface temperature in the shade ... Which to be the same as ambient.. 86°F

Couldnt even discover a temp climb on a lug.. Or everywhere inside it, not even on the wires,, but then again they are "insulated.

cappo, I have actually no idea exactly how this goober can possibly analyze UL489 to average this. 40 deg C is the ambient wait temp conventional for testing.

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