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In this instructable, ns will present you how to do two various versions of the feather duster native Beauty and also the Beast that have the right to be provided for cleaning.

You can be wonder why ns am not making use of her name in the title. The difficulty is that she wasn"t provided a name in the original Disney movie. She is called Marie (in the comics), Babette (in the musical and also House of Mouse), Plumette (in the 2017 live-action remake), and also Fifi (in the midquel movie Beauty and the Beast: Belle"s magical World). Even though the prequel is nowhere close to as an excellent as the initial movie, we are going to speak to her Fifi in this instructable. Mainly due to the fact that (in contrast to the various other adaptions) she watch the very same as in the initial movie.

After city hall Beauty and also the Beast because that the about hundredth time i felt yes, really inspired and also wanted to carry her to life. I absolutely do not favor cleaning and never thought that a cleaning utensil could lug me so lot joy, yet I certain love it and also hope girlfriend do, too.

So let"s acquire started.


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Filament Swiffer (I used this one) or a smaller sized ostrich feather duster (like this* one) Optional (for smoothing): Filler inside wall (e.g. This* one) and also wet sandpaper (e.g. This* one) primer (I offered this* one) paint (white, black, gold, or brass (i supplied this* one), red (for the lips), grey, and also brown) glue 2 mm thread (at least 16 centimeter long) complete (+ optional one anti-shine spray paint. I am making use of this* one) Masking tape, when you room going with the feather one


3D press Paintbrushes and optional one airbrush utility knife saw (If you are going to usage ostrich feather duster)

* Affiliate link. I earn indigenous qualifying purchases. Many thanks a lot for the support!

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Step 1: The Design


I went into Inkscape (it is a totally free program, friend can find it here), added a picture from the movie and one native the head, and also drew the outlines. I likewise scaled the pieces to a size that would certainly fit the feathers and also the Swiffer.

There are different programs you have the right to use to revolve the sketch right into a 3D model. I usually use Fusion360. Simply enter the "Design" workspace, select "INSERT", "Insert SVG", "Insert from my computer", select the right file and then pick a plane. Sadly, usually, the component isn"t scaled right.

The Autodesk help says: "SVG systems are screen units, i.e. Pixels. A 1:1 mapping of one SVG document into blend 360 will not be completed unless the SVG translator supports mapping logical units (in, mm, cm, etc.) to screen units (pixel dimensions, which differ on the provided OS and also its version). Even with the units being set in the third-party software, the values will it is in converted right into points by saving. The dimension of a allude is device-dependent and also application-dependent."

Luckily this can conveniently be fixed. Simply measure the imported component by selecting "INSPECT" and clicking top top the top and bottom lines. Together you deserve to see in the 2nd picture, in my situation it is 32.444 mm. Since it is an alleged to be about 123 mm, I must use a scaling aspect of about 3.79 (123 mm / 32.444 mm).

Simply click "FINISH SKETCH" (you have the right to delete it later) and also reimport the SVG document ("INSERT", "Insert SVG"). Then use the scaling factor in "Scale aircraft XY" (it may be referred to as differently depending on the airplane you have selected), like I am mirroring in the 2nd picture. Prior to finishing the sketch, you will have actually to add a heat in the middle above the sketch and also one the goes with the middle of the sketch.

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Step 3: Finishing the Handle


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Step 10: paint the Handle

If friend look in ~ the illustrations of Fifi, you can see the there isn"t any space for the quills of the feathers, which is needed in actual life. I decided to paint the bottom the the handle black come hide that it essential to be way longer than in the movie.

Once ns was excellent airbrushing it and placed the onto the feathers, ns realized that black color was too dark and also didn"t watch good. So, I had to usage masking tape again and went v a dark brown, as you can see in the third picture. Ns am happy i repainted it since it looked a lot better.

Don"t forget to repaint the golden rings.

You don"t must paint the bottom that the Swiffer handle, however the ring at the top and also the bottom need to be painted golden.

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Step 11: applying the Finish

The mob lid is smoothed the same method as the other parts. You don"t have to worry about its inside since it can"t be seen later (As you can see, mine is still an extremely rough).

Once the is smoothed, simply spray paint it white and paint the inside of the brim grey, as displayed in the first picture.

In the second picture, you have the right to (once again) watch the difference between a end up without (left) and also with (right) an anti-shine layer.

Once the complete is done, reduced the 2 mm thread to a size of about 16 cm. Place it with the holes and also tie a knot on the inside. Make certain that the can"t come loose, since you won"t have the ability to fix it later. I offered a square knot.

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Step 13: Glueing

Now all that is left to carry out is come glue everything together.

Start by gluing the mob cap to the head, however be careful because there is a direction and also if girlfriend don"t acquire it right, the won"t be sit on the head properly.

Next, we space going to glue the take care of to the head. Together you deserve to see in the third picture, the top and also the underside that the Swiffer look at different. So, you will have to decide, i m sorry one friend would like to show. I chose to usage the underside together the front. Make certain you store your decision in mind while gluing the piece together.

As you have the right to see, I used a most glue to adhesive the feather to the handle. Make sure that there is sufficient contact in between the glue and also the 3D-printed part.