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ostensive definition, ostensorium, ostensory, ostentation, ostentatious, osteo-, osteoanagenesis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthropathy, osteoarthrosis, osteoblast

Osteo- is a combining kind used prefer a prefix definition “bone.” the is frequently used in medical terms, especially in anatomy.

Osteo- originates from the Greek ostéon, definition “bone.”

What space variants that osteo-?

When merged with indigenous or word facets forms that begin with a vowel, osteo- becomes oste-, together in osteitis.

An example of a word friend may have encountered that functions osteo- is osteology, i beg your pardon is the branch the anatomy dealing with—you guessed it—the skeleton.

We know osteo- method “bone.” And -(o)logy? That means “study of,” at some point from the Greek lógos, meaning “word,” among many other senses. Osteology, then, literally equates to “the study of bones.”

What room some native that usage the combining kind osteo-?

What room some other forms that osteo– might be frequently confused with?

Despite appearances, the word ostentatious, an interpretation “characterized by pretentious or conspicuous display in an attempt to admire others,” does not use the Greek root osteo-. Find out where ostentatious originates from at our entry for the word.

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Given that osteo- means “bone” and also dystrophy method “faulty or inadequate development,” then what is osteodystrophy?

How to usage osteo- in a sentence

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before a vowel oste-

combining form
indicating bone or bonesosteopathy

Word beginning for osteo-

from Greek osteon

Medical meanings for osteo-


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