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Alpha Kenny Body is a intentional mondegreen or homophonic change of the phrase "I"ll posesthe anybody". The expression was initially taken on by the phibìc American Filipino YouTube neighborhood as a famous prank to play on parents, played out by composing the expression on a piece of document and questioning parents come recite it.

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Alpha Kenny Body and other deliberate mondegreen"s such as "I to be sofa king us Todd Ed" (I am so fucking retarded) have existed because that years. The UrbanDictionary entry for Alpha Kenny body was very first posted in November the 2007.

One of the initial and most regarded prank videos was uploaded January 8, 2010 by video clip blogger Frida increased who properly pranked she mom right into saying the phrase.

The bulk of see on the video are accredited to facebook links and sharing and have surpassed fifty percent a million see within 7 months of the initial upload. In the description, Rose cases to have actually received the idea for the prank from another video clip uploaded July 1, 2009.

The significant contributor come the spread out is video blogger and also comedian Kevin Wu AKA KevJumba once he pranked his dad v the expression on a video clip uploaded April 29, 2010.


The an initial two spikes exchange mail to the videos post by Rose and also Wu and also have already begun to taper off. Facebook shows up to be among the major contributors through connect sharing and also fan pages (link via Wayback Machine).

What is tho undetermined is why the vast bulk of contributors to this prank are largely from the Filipino YouTube Community.

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