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Volume the 1 mole the Fluorine, gas

foot³0.79oil barrel0.14
Imperial gallon4.93US cup94.7
inch³1367.16US fluid ounce757.56
liter22.4US gallon5.92
meter³0.02US pint47.35
metric cup89.62US quart23.67
metric tablespoon1493.58US tablespoon1515.12
metric teaspoon4480.75US teaspoon4545.37

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Weight that 1 mole the Fluorine, gas


The entered amount the Fluorine, gas in various units of amount of substance


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About Fluorine, gasFluorine is a pale yellow gas through a pungent odor. It occurs as a diatomic gas at plain temperatures and also pressures.A couple of materials, substances, compound or facets with a surname containing, favor or comparable to Fluorine, gas:Reference (ID: 1280)
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