In The Giver, besides receiving the community"s memories native the giver, the role of recipient of storage is come bear every one of humanity"s pain and also suffering. The ar is one the is shielded from solid emotions. Jonas"s project as the recipient of storage is thus to endure those emotions because that all. Moreover, he need to prevent the community from making previous mistakes and thus has to make decisions for the entire community.

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The receiver of memory is in training to eventually end up being the highest leader in the community. The place is so respect that once the Elders can not arrive at a decision, they leaving the can be fried determination as much as the recipient of Memory. Because these species of neighborhood decisions require lot information...

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The recipient of storage is in training to eventually become the greatest leader in the community. The position is so respected that once the Elders can not arrive in ~ a decision, they leave the can be fried determination as much as the recipient of Memory. Since these varieties of community decisions call for much information that the citizens room shielded from, the recipient must gain all the memory of the past. As such, that or she must discover to recognize complicated emotions never ever experienced before, such together fear and love.

The recipient must find out to live separate and also apart, conditioning self to a life of close to isolation due to the fact that no one else would recognize the experience of his day-to-day life. In fact, there space rules that forbid mentioning the training through anyone, consisting of parents.

Learning about and processing an entire history of the civilization is additionally included in this role. Jonas is so puzzled by this component of training the he asks,

The entirety world? ns don"t understand. Carry out you median it"s not just us? Not just the community? execute you mean Elsewhere, too? ...I don"t know what you median when you say "the whole world" or "generations before him." I assumed there was only us. I thought there was only now.

This brand-new knowledge forces an entirely brand-new construct of what the world and its history is and also has been. That is so much removed native citizens" lives, that exist just in the present, that this component alone takes much training.

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Through the training, the Receiver"s function is to get wisdom. This procedure is at time painful but permits the recipient to overview the neighborhood through challenges which arise with their intentional absence of experience. Together a way leader, the recipient is relied ~ above by the community to be your ultimate source of instruction and also guide them in the ideal directions.