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I understand "X is in the game", however without a definite subject this phrase becomes meaningless come me. It"s been used by EA Sports and also other suppliers to advertising they have actually something special about their games yet this lack of specification that what"s special around it troubles me.



Literally, to it is in in the game in such contexts means to be playing a game, v the implication the you"re a contender because that winning (compare you"ve got to it is in in the to success it).

Advertising slogans don"t necessarily have to follow typical idiomatic usages, and we don"t have actually any details examples to think about anyway. However in typical speech the just variation you"re ever likely to conference is something along the currently of...

Manchester joined were 2-1 under at half-time, yet they"ve switched to a much more attacking play now, and also they"re definitely still in the game.

...where the simply means United still have a possibility of winning.

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The original version that the slogan to be "If it"s in the game, it"s in the game", meaning that EA"s sports-based video games captured everything interesting around the sporting activities they represented.

Eventually the slogan came to be so familiar to gamers interested in gamings of this type that EA truncated that to just the repercussion clause.

ADDED:muru asks because that a source.

Here"s the website that Jeff Odiorne, who through with Michael Wilde arisen the original project at Goldberg Moser O"Neill and also Riney. A brief video clip about that is at the bottom of the page.

Here"s a story indigenous Ad Age around Odiorne and Wilde"s work-related after lock left Goldberg and also started Odiorne Wilde Narraway Groome v EA as their principal client. It consists of this:

Goldberg won the account in August, simply in time because that Odiorne and also Wilde to create a project to launch the EA sports line because that the Christmas season. The two came up through the position that authenticity the was based upon not just a knowledge of sports but a enthusiasm as wrememberingsomer.com. Your tag, "If it"s in the game, it"s in the game," was deceptively obvious, Transeth adds. "It was so simple," he says, "it fear us."

And here"s a document of the trademark history, drawn from the us Patent and Trademark Office.

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And simply for lagniappe, to show what Odiorne and also Wilde to be after, here"s an instance of a pan praising the fist to detail in a recent edition of Madden.