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Discipline: Language art Subject: Literature Grade:4,5,6,7



Cinderella desires to walk to the ball, but her stepmother stays clear of her native going by providing her an ext chores than she deserve to complete, so her fairy godmother help her. The dispute is external, Cinderella matches her action mother, so that is guy vs Man.

There when was a widower who remarried. His 2nd wife to be ill-natured, and also she had two daughters that were just as unpleasant together their mother. The man had actually a beautiful, tenderness daughter of his own, and also she was quickly to become the servant of her angry step-mother and step-sisters. They made her carry out all the chores around the house, and she was named Cinderella, after the cinders she swept out of the fireplace.The King required to find a queen because that his prince, therefore he threw a vast ball. The evil step-mother and step-sisters were invited, yet Cinderella to be not permitted to go. After castle left, Cinderellaís fairy godmother appeared and readjusted her dirty rags into a beautiful gown v glass slippers. Next the fairy godmother readjusted a pumpkin right into a coach and also some mice right into footmen. Before Cinderella left, the fairy godmother warned she to it is in home prior to midnight, due to the fact that the assignment would just last it rotates then.Cinderella was a hit in ~ the ball. The prince fell in love through her and also asked she name. Just then the clock to win midnight, and also Cinderella ran away. She remained in such a hurry, she shed one of she glass slippers. It to be the just clue the prince had to find his true love. He went to every residence in the kingdom and had every single young girl shot on the slipper to see if the fit. The angry step-sisters couldnít fit the slipper, however Cinderella did. The prince married her and they all live happily ever before after.




The story takes ar a long time earlier in a land rule by a king and also a queen.

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Main characters are Cinderella and also her step-mother.Minor personalities include: the stepsisters, the fairy godmother and also the prince.Protagonist: CinderellaAntagonist: the action mother


The themes of “Cinderella” are implied. The reader have the right to infer one or more themes from it. One theme is that you must make the best of any situation and also things will job-related out in the end. One more might be, good triumphs over evil.