how countless bases are uncovered in dna
a. 2 b. 6 c. 4 d. 3
what base is discovered on RNA but not DNAuracil
how numerous bases space in a codon?3
how many bases are in a anticodon?3
how numerous amino acids space attatched to a single transfer RNA4
transcription occurs in the...

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translation wake up in the...cytoplasm
the procedure of making RNA from DNA is called....... And occurs in the ..........transcription, nucleus
the procedure of assembling a protein from RNA is referred to as ........ And also occurs in the .......translation, cytoplasm
in eukaryotic chromosomes, DNA replication starts at a solitary point in the ....... And proceeds in .... Directions.chromosomes, 2
what is the safety strand the bases for a strand v the bases for a strand withthe bases TACGTTATGCAA
what kind of sugar does RNA containribose
is RNA solitary or dual strandedsingle
what is the project of most RNA moleculesprotein synthesis
mRNAcarries duplicates of the instructions because that assembling amino mountain from DNA to the rest of the cell
rRNAis a component of ribosomes
tRNAtransfers every ammino mountain to the ribosom to help assemble proteins.
where walk translation take it placethe ribosomes.
what does DNA was standing fordeoxyribose main point acid
DNA is made up of repeating ..... Unitspolymer
who discovered the sructure the dna?watson and also CRICK
what is a nucleotide do ofphosphate group, a 5 carbon sugar, and a nitrogen include base
what is the structure of a DNAdouble helix
the percentage of thymine in the strand that DNA is30%
the portion of cytosine in the very same DNA strand v thymine 30% is20%
what borders the cabinet size?DNA end load, diffusion, surface area come volume ratio
what happens to the cell once it gets too bigit must divide or it will die!
bacterial chromosomes space made that .... Circle of DNA1
bacteria divide by a process calledbinary fission
what type of reproduction is binary fissionasexual reproduction.
chromosomes are found in the .......nucleus
chromosomes save on computer this organic moleculeDNA and also Protein
Chromosomes are direct strands... True or false?true
humans have ... Chromosomes and also the diploid number is .... Pairs46, 23
chromosomes are just visible during cell division.
chromosomes are usually found as thin, uncoiled chromatin.
complete dominanceone characteristics is expressed over one more in the heterozygous condition.
incomplete dominancethe heterozygous
prokaryoteunicellular, no nucleus, simple
eukaryotemulticellur, has actually a nucleus, complex
all cell have...ribosomes, DNA, cell membrane, cytoplasm
plasma membranebarrier the surrounds the cell and also controls what beginning it.

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ribosomewhere proteins space made
endoplasmic reticulumsite of lipid production and also protein production... Smooth- lipids rough- proteins
golgimodifies proteins and also packages them into vesicles (for transport)
lysosomecontains cradle enzymes
nucleolusmakes ribosomes
vacuoletemporary storage of materials
mitochondriabreaks under organic molecule to relax energy, provides ATP
nucleic acidsstore info in the type of a code.
nucleic acids space composed ofnuclotides (3 parts)
nucleic acids space made ofcarbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus
enzymes have actually a pocket on your surface dubbed anactive site
the molecule tha fit right into the energetic site is callled thesubstrates
the reaction takes location at the (enzymes)active site
are made of lengthy chains of amino acidsproteins
hemoglobincarries oxygen in red blood cells
antibodiesfight international invaders in the immune system
lipidsinsoluble in water
make up cabinet membranesphospholipids