The Simpsons: exactly how Every Snowball The Cat Was killed Through the years, the Simpsons have actually gone through a couple of cats named Snowball or in some cases Coltrane. Here"s how each cat shed its nine life.

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The simpsons snowball the cat
In The Simpsons, the lose of the family members cat Snowball has actually been a long-running joke. 4 Snowballs, consisting of one also known together "Coltrane," have passed away in the long-running series, and each cat has been replaced to complete the Simpsons family.

Snowball is mentioned in the very an initial episode, "Simpsons Roasting ~ above an open Fire," and has been a fixture of The Simpsons ever since, albeit v a collection of various cats with the exact same name. The an initial Snowball is a white Persian cat, shown mostly in flashbacks until the 2nd Snowball comes on the scene.

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Snowball operation through many iterations until the stunner Cat Lady gives Lisa a cat after Coltrane dies. The cat looks precisely like Snowball II, so though the cat is technically number five in the line-up, Lisa names the black color Persian cat in honor of her second cat - and possibly to conserve a small money by not having actually to purchase a brand-new food dish.

The Simpsons what taken place to original Snowball
once Marge mentions Snowball in the first episode, she is already dead, having been run over by a Chrysler car. That is later revealed the Snowball was operation over through the drunk brothers of mayor Quimby, Clovis. Her grave has changed locations, an initial seen in the Springfield pets Cemetery yet then displayed in the Simpsons" backyard. Snowball ns is a white Persian cat with eco-friendly eyes that has actually occasionally been shown as black like Snowball II.

Snowball I not only appears in flashbacks, however in the afterlife, popping increase in about seventeen episodes and fanfiction. Sideshow Bob provides her surname to commit voter fraud when he runs for mayor, and also Lisa scolds him. Several characters including Bart check out Snowball ns in recall sequences, despite Lisa"s Sunday college teacher telling her that cat cannot go to heaven.

Lisa gets Snowball II in "Simpsons Roasting ~ above an open up Fire." though the cat doesn"t choose Homer, she heroically conserves him from a burning treehouse once Santa"s tiny Helper the dog is unavailable. Snowball II is roughly for a while, ultimately perishing in season fifteen once Dr. Hibbert runs she over instantly after to run over Bart"s bicycle.

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The household has a funeral for Snowball inside Bart provides a crack around Lisa outliving she pet, Homer nods to Santa"s small Helper come cover the grave, and also Marge has actually a flashback come the fatality of she guinea pig Cinnamon: "It should have actually been me that chewed with that extension cord!"

Snowball 3 drowns in the fish tank on The Simpsons
Snowball III an initial appears in the season fifteen episode, "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot," together the Simpsons effort to change Snowball II. Marge reads in a book When poor Things happen to Cute Children the "a new pet will certainly pull you out of her sorrow cycle." Lisa is doubtful, speak she"s no ready and also that the book doesn"t know exactly how she feels. Marge insists that the book must be wise due to the fact that it is written by a surfing rabbi, and Lisa find a brown cat that suits her fancy. Lisa leaves the room to get him his first serving of cat food and also the cat go to catch a fish, drowning.

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Coltrane Simpsons Snowball 4
The 3rd cat to show up in "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot," Snowball IV is dubbed Coltrane at the shelter, and also Lisa likes the name. She bring him home and plays him some jazz music by his namesake, and the cat immediately leaps the end of the home window to his tragic death. The last cat funeral in The Simpsons is even shorter this time around, and attended by Lisa and Marge. Marge scolds God, saying the she won"t be making any an ext lemon bars because that Sunday company if the keeps killing off the Simpsons" cats.