Dispersion, the separation of clearly shows light right into a spectrum, may be achieved by means of a prism or a diffraction grating. Each various wavelength or frequency of visible light corresponds to a different color, so the the spectrum shows up as a tape of colors varying from violet in ~ the short-wavelength (high-frequency) end of the spectrum through indigo, blue, green, yellow, and also orange, come red at the long-wavelength (low-frequency) finish of the spectrum. In enhancement to visible light, other varieties of electromagnetic radiation might be spread into a spectrum according to frequency or wavelength.

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The spectrum formed from white light consists of all colors, or frequencies, and also is recognized as a consistent spectrum. Continuous spectra are produced by every incandescent solids and also liquids and by gases under high pressure. A gas under low push does not develop a consistent spectrum yet instead produce a heat spectrum, i.e., one written of separation, personal, instance lines at particular frequencies characteristic of the gas, quite than a consistent band of every frequencies. If the gas is made incandescent by heat or an electric discharge, the result spectrum is a bright-line, or emission, spectrum, consist of of a collection of bright lines against a dark background. A dark-line, or absorption, spectrum is the turning back of a bright-line spectrum; the is produced when white irradiate containing every frequencies passes v a gas no hot enough to it is in incandescent. It consists of a series of dark lines superimposed ~ above a consistent spectrum, each line equivalent to a frequency where a bright line would show up if the gas to be incandescent. The Fraunhofer lines showing up in the spectrum of the sun are an example of a dark-line spectrum; lock are brought about by the absorption of details frequencies of light by the cooler, external layers that the solar atmosphere. Line spectra that either form are helpful in chemical analysis, due to the fact that they expose the existence of specific elements. The instrument offered for studying line spectra is the spectroscope.

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