Your Toyota Prius comes with plenty of features the not only make the greener and more energy-efficient but also easy to drive.

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The Prius shifter knob provides the driver with different ways come maneuver the automobile in the best way. One setting on the shifter – “B” – is one the we space asked about often.

Here, we’ll prize the following questions:

What go the B was standing for in a Prius?How does the Prius gear transition B setting work?When must you use Prius B mode?When must you protect against using B mode when control a Prius?Can you transition from D come B while driving?How perform you use the B gear?What is the many efficient means to journey a Prius?Let’s dive in.

What go the B was standing For In A Prius?

Simply put, the Prius B setting stands because that “braking.” This place is for shifting right into a reduced gear and increases the engine’s traction to assist slow your car down. However when would you require this mode?

How walk the Prius Gear transition B mode Work?

Much choose with a traditional car, downshifting right into the B setting on a Prius causes the engine to spin faster than it needs to. When this happens, the power required for it to execute so causes the car to slow-moving down.

The energy is expended v vacuum losses and is essentially “wasted” energy however works to help extend your brakes’ life and prevent overexertion.

When should You usage Prius B Mode?

If you’re top top a long, steep graded downhill slope, you’ll want to usage the engine attribute to aid your regenerative braking from gift overloaded. Because that example, as soon as descending a roadway that goes over a hill or steep hill. Repeatedly using the brakes in this situation to stabilize your speed have the right to not just wear the brakes out, but it will get them really hot.

B mode may also assist in icy conditions, as braking on slippery pavement can cause your car to slide. Downshifting into B setting can help slow your auto down without stopping abruptly and potentially slipping the end of control.

When need to You avoid Using B mode When steering a Prius?

Simply put, it’s ideal to stop using B setting on your shifter during constant driving. Over there is no advantage to utilizing the mode when the isn’t required, as it throws power away unnecessarily, and also doesn’t recharge the hybrid battery.

Since regenerative braking works as soon as the constant brakes space used, you’d be doing yourself no favors by making use of B mode to brake once it’s not needed.

The only exception to this referral is v the plug-in Prius that has actually an option for electric car (EV) drive mode. In this mode, the automobile is only gaining power indigenous the hybrid battery and not from gasoline.

Can You shift From D to B if Driving?

Yes – in fact, that’s the just time friend can transition to B. You cannot go straight from park (P) come B – despite you have the right to go native B come P).

The Prius has complicated electronic components, and also you shouldn’t worry around whether girlfriend can shift a specific way. If going indigenous a certain gear to an additional will damages the automobile or it is in unsafe come the driver, the Prius will certainly not permit you to make the change.

For example, shifting from journey to reverse while in movement will placed you into neutral. The Prius won’t allow the change, together it might damage the transmission and also be unsafe because that the driver.

How execute You use the B equipment in a Prius?

If you room on a steep downgrade and want to defend your vehicle’s brake pads and also regenerative braking system, switching to B mode is simple.

The most necessary thing is to first slow to an appropriate speed utilizing your brakes. This speed need to be one you’re comfortable cruising down the hill at and also is in ~ the speed limit.

Once you’re in ~ a reduced speed, readjust the shifter knob to B. Friend won’t require your foot on the brake to execute this.

The engine will certainly sound together if it is “revving” loudly, however this is the engine spinning quicker to assist to maintain a safe speed without utilizing the brakes.

What Is The most Efficient means to journey a Prius?

Using B setting is one way to help keep your auto in good health, especially the brakes. You have the right to do a couple of other things to make certain you’re constantly efficiently driving your hybrid – specifically if you’d prefer to get the best gas mileage and keep your hybrid battery healthy.

Use cruise control:
If you’re steering on long stretches that semi-flat terrain, cruise regulate helps conserve fuel by maintaining your automobile at a constant speed. Making use of cruise control over hilly terrain is inefficient, as your auto works overtime to maintain speed.Coast once possible: Not applying your foot come the gas enables your auto to operation without using gas or your hybrid battery.

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