Having a hot bath tub in your backyard might be a dream come true. You might step outside anytime come relax in the comfort of her own an individual paradise. However how execute you go from wanting a hot tub to owning one? The same method you manifest any vision right into reality—you plan. While over there are many factors to consider when picking the perfect house spa model, including the power of that jets, the efficiency of that is heater, and the upkeep compelled for that filtration system, the most essential one is likewise the many basic: size. So grab her ruler and also read on!


Typically, spa manufacturers market three dimension categories native which to select in every series:

Hot tub Size RangesLengthWidthHeight
Small (2-4 people)5’4” - 7”5’4” - 6’8”29” - 35”
Medium (5-6 people)6’6” - 7’9”6’4” - 7’9”33” - 38.5”
Large (7+people)7’ - 9”7’ - 9’2”36” - 38”

Once you’ve decided on the perfect hot tub model, think about entertainment choices for her spa and also the equipment you desire. ~ that, the time to think about spa location, delivery, and also installation.

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A necessary part of do your residence spa dream a reality is picking the finest placement because that your warm tub, exactly how you’re walk to gain it there, and how to appropriately install it.

Location. You’ll require to choose a spot that’s large enough for your hot tub and that is foundation. You’ll likewise want come make certain the an are will accommodate your spa sheathe lifter (each sheathe lifter calls for a tiny amount of extr clearance). The best method to recognize you’ve liked the best spot is to ask your regional dealer, that will be taking care of delivery.

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Delivery. If there’s many of accessibility to your hot tub location, friend won’t need to worry around delivery issues. If the path from the street to your spa is restricted, however, you’ll need to clear sufficient space. That could involve cutting earlier tree branches or removing sections of a fence or a gate. Alternatively, plenty of dealers have actually cranes to lift your brand-new hot tub into ar when ground distribution isn’t possible. So, prior to you schedule delivery, walk v the route, measure clearance approximately the path, and also compare your measurements to the spa’s dimensions.

Fortunately, her hot bathtub will be delivered ‘dry,’ for this reason it deserve to be rotate on that side during transport. This provides horizontal clearance critical, therefore be certain to measure the elevation of your warm tub. The length and width of her spa matter a lot if the delivery path has sharp, chop corners or overhead obstacles, such as low-hanging branches or a lintel over a fence gate. To help make the delivery procedure go smoothly, every hot bath tub model comes v its very own pre-delivery instructions, which include hot bathtub dimensions and preparation and installation information. For more details top top installation, download our useful ebook, 9 advice to aid Make your Spa surroundings a Success.

Whether you’re trying to find a tiny or big home spa, or one what in the middle, you have actually plenty of dimension options, features, and accessories from which to choose. After that, every you have to do is sit ago and gain your brand-new hot tub.