Despite its call for dry contents delivery throughout virtual and in-person meetings alike, PowerPoint continues to be the go-to selection for many professionals, also as other choices emerge that offer greater usability and flexibility exterior of the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Part that the presentation platform’s popularity stems indigenous its familiarity — numerous organizations still operation Microsoft-first IT software program environments, making PowerPoint the obvious choice for straightforward presentation design. Simplicity gives the second part of this popular permutation since creating a an easy PowerPoint presentation ~ above a single topic calls for minimal time and also effort.

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The problem? “Simple” doesn’t always mean “effective”. Staff throughout markets, industries, and also verticals worldwide have stories about unbearably long and boring PowerPoint presentations that were long on details but brief on value. The 7x7 dominion offers a structure to help boost PowerPoint form and function by reducing text volume and also improving details impact.

In this piece, we’ll break down the 7x7 dominance in PowerPoint, finest practices, and offer part actionable examples that seven-by-seven services in-situ.

The PowerPoint Problem

To placed it simply, most viewers don’t favor PowerPoint. When the style has the benefit of speed and convenience — and can conceivably be supplied to connect information quickly and also concisely — many presentations are overlong and also overwrought v bonanzas of cartridge points the seem relevant but are really just digital hot air.

In many cases, the disconnect in between appearance and action is boring at best and irritating at worst. As provided by the BBC, however, in extreme situations — such together NASA’s Challenger spaceship disaster — overlooked info in one overstuffed presentation have the right to have far-reaching real-world consequences.

Best bet? To stop PowerPoint frustration and also fatigue, the time because that a brand-new framework: The 7x7 rule.

What is the 7x7 ascendancy in PowerPoint?

The 7x7 ascendancy is simple: for every slide, use no much more than seven lines of text — or 7 bullet point out — and also no much more than seven words per line. Slide title aren’t contained in the count.

There’s no specific data supporting the 7x7 version as the ideal; some PointPower proselytizers take into consideration 8x8 an excellent enough while rather say 6x6 is more streamlined. The allude here no the hard-and-fast number however the underlying idea: reduced out extraneous information to enhance presentation uptake.

Slides can still contain pictures — and should, wherever possible — but sticking to the 7x7 rule helps cut down on excess data that might be better-shared in follow-up emails or one-on-one discussions. In effect, the 7x7 dominance is a means to minimize the lot of time staff spend pretending come care around PowerPoints and also instead aid them focus on slide information that’s relevant, contextual, and also actionable.

Best practices for the 7x7 dominance in PowerPoint

Building a typical PowerPoint on slide is straightforward. Like any type of business practice, however, it deserve to be enhanced with a standardized set of rules designed to border waste and improve efficiency. And also when it involves most PowerPoint presentations, almost any adjust makes a positive impact.

Let’s failure some the the finest practices for building PowerPoint slides with the 7x7 rule.

1. Single slide, single concept.

Each on slide should deal with a single concept rather than trying to connect the dots throughout multiple data points, fads or ideas. While the fine to develop on previous on slide data as your presentation progresses the solitary slide, single concept strategy helps emphasis presentation efforts from the word go.

2. Photos increase impact.

As provided above photos are a welcome addition to slides, so lengthy as castle relevant. If you discover yourself including unrelated share photos just to add some color — don’t. Store slides, text, and images on-track.

4. Forget the funny.

Almost everyone has actually a story about a “funny” PowerPoint joke the was naught of the sort. In most cases, this heavy-handed humor initiatives are shoehorned in ostensibly to aid viewers much better remember slide data. In fact, they shift the focus away indigenous your main objective.

5. Arrangement it out.

Before producing your presentation, create a basic outline the highlights your major concept, exactly how you plan to acquire it across, and also how countless slides in total it should take. Then, draft her slides. Take a break, testimonial them, and cut back wherever possible.

6. Take into consideration the 7x7x7.

If friend really desire to walk all-in top top the 7x7 rule, consider including another 7 and also aiming for no an ext than 7 indigenous in every line, no much more than 7 lines on each slide, and also no much more than 7 slides in total. That not basic — however offers a much better chance of obtaining your suggest across.

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7x7 dominance in Powerpoint Examples

So what walk the 7x7 preeminence look like in practice? it’s one thing to talk about building a better slide, but it’s basic to fall back into negative habits once it’s time to put together a presentation. It makes sense; content creators are often trying to convey a far-reaching amount of information in a short period of time, and also it’s simple to gain sidetracked by the notion that every piece of data need to be contained to make the conference a success.